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05.5+ Dodge G56 6 Speed Valair Organic Quiet Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch

05.5+ Dodge G56 Valair Organic Quiet Towing Dual Disc Clutch




If you have a Stock - 500HP truck and tow alot this is the only way to go. This clutch has a very smooth engagement.

The Ultimate Towing Clutch just got Better!


  • Nodular iron flywheel
  • Spring hub design
  • Premium brass woven facings
  • Billet floater plate (will not break like other cast iron pieces)
  • 3800 lb. diaphragm pressure plate
  • HD roller pilot bearing
  • Includes all hardware for installation 


Smooth engagement and holding capabilities form stock up to 550hp/1100ft lbs rear wheel horsepower whiles maintaining a stock pedal feel an drivability.

This Quiet version will eliminate the floater plate rattle when the clutch pedal is pressed in. It will not get rid of gear rollover noise.

** Includes Hydraulic upgrade NMU70HYD‐03 **

Valair part number:  QG56DDSN-ORG

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