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03-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Street Complete Twin Turbo Kit

03-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Street Complete Twin Turbo Kit

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TTPK3G-complete street 36

Stainless Diesel's COMPLETE Twin/Compound Turbo Kits for 03-07 5.9 Dodge Diesels. Drastically lower your EGT's with outstanding efficiency and drivability. This is the only way to get the best of both worlds -- great spool-up, & all the top-end power that you can handle!!!

Stainless Diesel Twin/Compound turbo piping kits can be personalized for your ride based on turbo choices. Our high quality/ MADE IN THE USA complete compound turbo kits come with everything you need for installation on your ride. Get rid of your 'laggy' 'smoky' 'inefficient' big single turbo & upgrade to a fast spooling bottom-end high torque monster with up to 1000+hp capability.  Significantly increase your airflow. "Truly the best of both worlds." 

Our COMPLETE 3G kits are built WITH S362/65/14 waste gated turbo. S475 T6 turbo. This set-up is good for 600-700hp range with the 'cast' compressor wheels. The Optional Billet wheel upgrade = faster spool up, better EGT control, and 800hp capability.

This kit also includes T3 Stainless Diesel high flow stainless exhaust manifold.

Stainless Diesel 3G Twins/Compound Turbo Piping Kits are built with HIGH STRENGTH CND'd flanges & aluminized mild steel piping. Unlike some competitors who use rubber hose & plastic pipes - our twin kits are strong enough for 100lbs+ of boost anytime for many years!

Included in this kit:

  • S475/96 T-6 Turbo
  • S362/65/14 Turbo
  • Stainless Diesel T-3 high flow stainless exhaust manifold (with gaskets & mounting hardware)
  • 12" long, 5" inlet High Flow S&B Air filter w/ power cone
  • braided stainless steel High Temp Oil Supply Lines
  • Oil supply line fittings
  • Oil drain lines
  • Oil drain gaskets
  • Spring waste gate actuator for your S300
  • Turbo Gaskets
  • Turbo Studs
  • Turbo Mounting Nuts
  • V-Band Clamps
  • High Torque T-Bolt Clamps
  • 3" Bead-rolled Inner cooler Pipe
  • 3.5" Cold Pipe w/ O-ring flange & bead rolls.  Also includes 1/8" NPT bung welded into pipe. *installs between S300 to S400*
  • 5" Air Cleaner Pipe
  • 5" Rubber boot for air filter pipe w/ clamps
  • 3.5" - 4" Silicone reducer w/ T-bolt clamps
  • *also, 3.5" silicone boot w/ t-bolt clamps included w/ 2 pc. option only***
  • 4" Down Pipe
  • Heat insulated Hot Pipe
  • S400 Turbo mounting bracket
  • T-3 1" Spacer
  • Waterline w/ fittings
  • Installation instruction packet w/ pictures (& drink koozie :)
**All kits are assembled on demand based on options chosen, please allow a week before shipping - polished items may add an additional 3-7 business days to this lead time**
Stainless Diesel part #: TTPK3G-complete street 362/475


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