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07.5-12 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Fleece 63mm Holset VGT Cheetah Turbocharger

07.5-12 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Fleece 63mm Holset VGT Cheetah Turbocharger
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07.5-12 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Fleece 63mm Holset VGT Cheetah Turbocharger

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  • Part Number: FPE-351-0712
  • Est. Ship Time: Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days

Is the Fleece Cheetah turbo a good replacement for my failing stock turbo on my 6.7L Cummins? What other upgrades would make the Fleece Cheetah Turbo more efficient?

The Fleece Cheetah turbo is a popular aftermarket choice for upgrading the turbocharger on a 6.7L Cummins engine, commonly found in Dodge Ram trucks. It's known for providing significant performance improvements over the stock turbo, including better throttle response and increased power output. Here are a few key points about the Fleece Cheetah turbo and additional upgrades that can enhance its efficiency:

Advantages of the Fleece Cheetah Turbo

  1. Improved Performance: It offers quicker spooling compared to the stock turbo which can help in reducing turbo lag and improving overall acceleration.
  2. Reliability: Built to handle increased boost levels over the stock unit, which can be beneficial if you're tuning your engine for higher performance.
  3. Drop-in Replacement: Designed to be a direct fit replacement, making installation straightforward without the need for extensive modifications.

Additional Upgrades for Enhanced Performance

To get the most out of a Fleece Cheetah turbo, consider these upgrades:

  1. Performance Injectors: Larger injectors can supply more fuel to match the increased air flow from the upgraded turbo, essential for maintaining the air-fuel balance and maximizing power.
  2. Performance Air Intake: A higher capacity air intake system can provide more cold air to the engine, further improving turbo efficiency and performance.
  3. Performance Exhaust: A larger diameter exhaust system or a less restrictive muffler can reduce back pressure, allowing the engine and turbo to breathe better.
  4. Tuning/Programming: Custom engine tuning can optimize the engine’s parameters such as fuel injection timing and quantity to match the new turbo's characteristics for maximum efficiency and power.
  5. Intercooler Upgrade: Upgrading to a larger or more efficient intercooler can help reduce the air intake temperature, thereby improving combustion efficiency and turbo performance.
  6. Performance Engine Upgrades: Consider reinforcing the engine internals (like pistons and rods) if you are planning on significantly increasing power, to handle the added stress.

These upgrades, when combined with the Fleece Cheetah turbo, can lead to a substantial increase in performance while maintaining, or even improving, engine reliability. Always consult with a professional or a reputable tuning shop to ensure that these upgrades are compatible with your specific vehicle model and the goals you have for your truck’s performance.

Fleece Performance Cheetah Turbochargers set the industry standard for power, quality, and reliability. The Cheetah series does not require an expensive kit, just bolt it on and go. Designed as a stock appearing, drop in replacement turbocharger capable of much more! With our exclusive FMW compressor wheel and inconel turbine wheel technology, you’ll enjoy smooth throttle response and big top-end power.
All turbos feature a new Fleece or Holset actuator.


  • Fleece Performance Exclusive 63mm FMW Compressor Wheel Technology.
  • No actuator calibration programming required.
  • Maintains all OEM factory turbocharger functions including exhaust brake and warm up.
  • Capable of supporting vehicle modifications up to 700 RWHP
  • 2 year Limited Warranty


  • Exhaust flange gasket
  • Exhaust flange studs and nuts
  • Turbo oil drain gasket
  • Coolant banjo sealing washers

Please note: This turbo is designed for pickup truck applications. We do not recommend the installation of this turbo on a cab & chassis truck with stock fueling. Double check that your air inlet and intercooler piping is similar before ordering as there are some cab & chassis variations we've seen. 

* Speed sensor not included.

** Core return - all paperwork & instructions for return included with the turbocharger.  You are responsible for all return shipping costs.

*Please allow 3 business days for this part to ship. If you need this expedited please call to verify availability. 

Fleece part number: FPE-351-0712

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