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Beans Diesel Performance Fuel Tank Sump

Beans Diesel Performance Fuel Tank Sump

SEE PART NUMBER 280002 FOR NEW STYLE.  Also check out their new micro sumps part numbers 280030 and 280031.


Product discontinued


SEE PART NUMBER 280002 FOR NEW STYLE.  Also check out their new micro sumps part numbers 280030 and 280031.

Fuel Sumps are nothing new these days, you see them everywhere and every company seems to have one. What we have done at BDP is step the tank sump up a notch. Made from 6061 Billet aluminum this little guy is built like a tank and is super simple to install. While still using a no-tank drop design we have made this sump to where it will install with 1 single bolt with one single 3" hole in your tank. This means less places to leak and much quicker install. All of our Tank Sumps come with a 3" hole saw, (so no extra trips to the hardware store), and all stainless hardware. The o-ring is made from Viton rubber to ensure it will last the test of time with 0 leaks or decay.


  • Uses all available fuel from the tank. No issues with sucking air when below ¼ tank. Perfect for use with     today's high flow lift pump systems. (Airdog, FASS, etc)
  • Stand pipe cut into the inside of the sump to reduce the amount of sediments that get to your filter system.
  • Drain Plug for future tank servicing or sediment draining.
  • Single bolt design that allows for 5 minute install as well as less chances for leaks that other tanks sumps may have when using multiple bolts drilled into the tank.
  • Stainless Steel hardware and Brass ½” Pushlock fitting provided.
  • Comes with 3” hole saw to make the only hole needed in your tank for install.
  • Inner  ring designed to go through the 3” hole so tank does not need to be dropped.
  • Viton O-ring for sealing that is impervious to diesel fuels.
  • Super strong 1 piece machined billet design.
  • Can be installed on any fuel tank with an available 4” diameter flat area

BDP part number: 280002


We have changed the fitting size on our sumps to ½” going into the sumps, in some cases we have had customers report back saying they have a slight seepage. With this issue we are instructing our customers to do a half turn to a full turn on the fitting and this should alleviate the problem, if this problem should persist have the customer remove the fitting and apply blue Loctite to the fitting.

Great company to work with. I bought a sump from them and had an issue with the fitting leaking. I sent an email in to customer service and they were very helpful and sent a new sump out to me as a replacement. I would definitely recommend this product.

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