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07.5-15 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Glacier Diesel CCV Open Breather Kit

07.5-2015 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Glacier Diesel CCV Open Breather Kit

***Product Discontinued***


Product discontinued


***Product Discontinued***


6.7L Cummins Open Breather Kit

For years Cummins has vented crankcase gasses to the atmosphere. With the new 6.7L emissions systems they've switched to a CCV or Closed Crankcase Ventilation system. The CCV system dumps the crankcase gasses into your turbo inlet post air filter which causes an oily buildup on the turbo compressor wheel. If crankcase blow-by is higher than normal these gasses can also coat the inside of the intercooler which lowers it's efficiency.

The Open Breather Kit converts the closed system back to an open breather. This eliminates the oil buildup on the turbo compressor and maintains intercooler cleanliness. 90° vent hose encourages oil drain back and helps eliminate drips. This kit does retain the stock CCV filter.

Simple all in one kit includes: Breather Element, 90° Vent Hose, Billet Plug for air inlet connection, and Clamps.

This kit DOES NOT delete the CCV filter. It simply re-routes the CCV from the turbo inlet to the atmosphere. 

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