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TT Duramax S475/S480 T6 1800° Silica Turbo Sock

The Turbo Sock will help spool the turbo faster, lower intake air charge temps, lower under hood temps, stop turbo heat from melting wire and electronics. Comes with 2 stainless ties for installation. The Turbo Sock is over 1/2" thick made from 3 layers of silica material rated at 1800 degrees continuous and short excursions to 3000*. This is not your average fiberglass turbo blanket material! This Turbo Sock is designed for S400 T6 turbos used to twin turbo Duramax engines. If you need a Turbo Sock for a smaller housing please call and we can make one to fit your needs.

Turbo Performance Parts # TS-1004-N

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