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06-07 GM 6.6L Duramax DHD Classic Dash Mount Alli-Locker 6 Speed Torque Converter Lock Up Switch

NEW Design, Steel DIN construction, Does not accept GM compartmental parts or OE switches. 

The DHD Dirty Alli-Locker torque converter lockup switch was designed to be an exact fix for the ever long pursuit of true lockup controller that will work 100% of the time. After countless troubles with different aftermarket kits built by other vendors that were unreliable, DHD set to make the best lock up switch on the market. When you’re in a competition event, and a win is needed to move onto the next round, you can’t rely on a lockup box that only works when it wants to.

The DHD Dirty Alli-Locker torque converter lockup switch won’t leave you second guessing if your Allison torque converter is fully locked up or not. DHD built a simple kit that overrided the TCM and allows full manual control of the Allison torque converter clutch at any time. There are two modes, manual and automatic. Automatic mode is required for daily driving, but in the event that you want to immediately lock or unlock the converter, you can do so, at the flip of an easy to access switch. Manual mode will give user control, which is great for sled pulling or drag racing events.

Installation is a breeze with a simple wire harness that will need to be routed and interfaced with the TCM. Our classic dash switch panel easily integrates with 2006-2007 Classic GM truck dashes with unutilized dins next to the HVAC control. Unfortunately, trucks with plow prep packages and airbag switches will require the OE switches to be relocated. The original plastic DIN modules have been discontinued with GM.

Note 1: This is an off-road/competition use ONLY product. It was solely designed for closed course drag racing or sled pulling events.

Note 2: Always remember to flip the toggles switches back to stock mode when not in use. We recommend having the locker active only during the immediate demand for lockup. Driving with the switches demanding lockup may cause erratic shifting, check engine lights or limp mode events.

Note 3: This product is a direct "factory" mounting box that will work on all 2001-2007 Classic series Silverado & Sierra pickups. If you prefer, we also offer a universal box DHD 116-610U that you can mount anywhere in the cab.

DHD: 116-610

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