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01-18 GM 6.6L Duramax Merchant Deep Filter Lock

Filter lock is designed to be used with Allison brand deep pans. A filter lock is not needed on most cast pans, example PPE, Mag-Hytec, and filter lock may interfere with cast pan installation. 

Redesigned to fit both the old (
29537966) and new (29542824) style Allison deep pan filter. 


  • Reduces cavitation due to lack of seal at filter. 
  • Prevents accidental filter fallout. 
  •  Bolts evenly in relation to the filter for a secure hold. 
  •  Deep pan measures 4-1/2" overall height at rear of pan. 

Includes spacer to work with Allison transmissions that do not have G-Solenoid 

How can I tell if My Allison 1000 has a DEEP pan or a Shallow pan?
The quick answer is to look at the profile of your transmission pan. A DEEP pan is about 4.5-inches deep from the front to the rear of the pan while a SHALLOW pan is about 4-inches deep at the front of the pan while sloping to about 2.5-inches deep at the rear. 
Click Here to see photos and further explanation of the differences and how to identify a DEEP versus SHALLOW Allison 1000 transmission pan.


Part number: 10690

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