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01-19 GM 6.6L Duramax DHD Allison Transmission Internal Wiring Harness Lock

Is your Allison transmission leaking fluid around the wiring harness connector? This could be caused by a few different flaws.

A. Your internal harness is allowing fluid to pass the wiring terminals within the connector.
B. The O-ring sealing the pass thought harness body to the transmission case is brittle and allowing oil to pass.
C. The pass through connecter isn't firmly seated into the transmission body. We see this happen often after transmission related services. The harness was unplugged for diagnosis or removal and during reassembly it was pushed into the case or out of square, causing a leak. 

This internal harness lock from DHD will prevent scenario C. Its a quick, easy and cheap install during regular maintenance or the transmission building process. Just remove one valve body bolt and install the lock with the new hardware provided.

DHD: 100-255

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