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PPE 01+ GM 6.6L Duramax Allison 1000 Triple Disc Torque Converter

PPE 01+ GM 6.6L Duramax Allison 1000 Triple Disc Torque Converter




Pacific Performance engineering has developed the ultimate in strength and durability with the Triple Disc Torque Converter. This converter is the most advanced unit on the market. Heavy-duty billet cover and three locking discs give you the ultimate in lock-up performance. Machined with the finest components which include a SAE 1040 billet front cover, CNC machined stator, proprietary clutch lining, braced impeller and turbine vanes, 4140 impeller hub, 4140 turbine hub. Electronically balanced as a total assembly. Benefits of the Triple Disc Torque Converter include 130 sq. inches of clutch surface contact area compared to a 49 sq. inches in the factory stock clutch. This translates into three times the holding force without increasing line pressure, plus a longer transmission life.


  • One piece billet cover assures truer balance, perpendicularity and concentricity
  • Will not have a tendency to leak like 2 piece welded covers do
  • Much larger and truer clutch contact surface area
  • Much larger clutch contact area, V8 damper and special clutch lining
  • Special braces added that do not effect vortex flow
  • Specially designed and heat treated 4140 alloy turbine for strength and durability
  • Specially designed heat treated 4140 alloy impeller hub for perfect fit and quality
  • Available for diesel and gas powered Chevy and Dodge trucks 3 year warranty (Unlimited mileage warranty)
  • Custom stall speeds available upon request

$500 Refundable Core Charge Applies, Customer is Responsible for core return shipment.

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