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07.5-2010 Duramax Steering Upgrade Components

Replace your OEM steering components with these awesome aftermarket options! 

Built to last you a lifetime! 

Brand: BD Power Part Number: 1032150
Fits: 01-10 GM 2500HD/3500HD 2wd/4wd & 01-07 GM 1500HDA major common weak point on Chevrolet/GM HD series trucks is the steering linkage and tie rods with high torque engines, lift kits and larger tires putting greater strains on the steering system than what OEM intended. These common fail..

Brand: BD Power Part Number: 1032125
Fits: 2001-2010 GM 2500HD/3500HD 2wd/4wd & 2001-2007 GM 1500HD Classic 2wd/4wdThe tie rods are 1.5x thicker than OEM for reduced flex and have larger inner ball joints for reduced wear. Testing has shown the BD tie rods can take over double the amount of force than what OEM rods can handle...

Brand: DFUSER Part Number: DFR-1002224
GM Power Steering Line Replacements -Your Leak Free SolutionLeaking Power Steering lines? This is the permanent fix. Dfuser braided power steering line upgrade for 01-10 GM Duramax.Features:Braided Stainless HoseLeak Free "Swedge" fittingsLifetime Warranty3 out of 5 Wrenches for InstallationReq..

Brand: PSC Part Number: SP1404
The heart of any modern power steering system is the pump.PSC offers a full range of new power steering pumps, covering most applications from American Muscle Cars to vintage and newer Jeeps, and most models of Dodge, Ford, and GM Trucks. We even have a solution for those Rock Crawling rigs tha..

Brand: Kryptonite Part Number: 10KXDI78-10KXDI34
Fits; 2001-2010 1500HD/2500HD/3500 GM HD TrucksPart# 10KXDI34 (1st Generation 3/4" Shank Right Hand Thread)Part# 10KXDI78 (2nd Generation 7/8" Shank Right Hand Thread)*Make sure to select the correct fitment for your truck!This is a replacement inner end for existing Kryptonite Tie Rods ON..

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