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06-10 GM 6.6L Duramax BD Hot Side Hose & Clamp Kit

It doesn't matter if you're towing up a mountain, running 9 seconds on the track or pulling your best sled distance ever - get the hose and clamp kit designed to withstand over 100 PSI of boost so you're not left stranded.

Our Hose and Clamp Kits feature:

  • 4-ply and 5-ply Blue Nomex silicone boots are heat and tear resistent Designed to withstand over 100 PSI of boost
  • Rugged spring-loaded stainless steel T-bar clamps provide up to 400 lbs of clamping pressure to create the ultimate hold
  • Engineered specifically for each application

Don't wait for your hose to blow, upgrade today!

Kit only includes hoses and clamps for hot side

 BD Power part #1046277

California residents, please call before ordering to ensure we can fulfill shipment.  (715-254-1833) 

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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