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Fuel System

GM LML Duramax replacement & upgraded CP3's, Air Dog & FASS lift pumps, Injectors & Nozzles, and fuel tanks, WIF plugs, banjo bolts, and much more! Click below to find what you're looking for or give us a call or chat for assistance. We are customer driven, so we are here for you!

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Brand: Bosch Part Number: 0 445 130 020
It always best practice to replace rubber return lines during any major system disassembly. These hoses often get brittle and have a tendency to wear on high mileage vehicles. Although the exterior of the hose may look fine its not uncommon to see degradation on the interior of the hose. We see lots..
$67.80 $259.00

KDT Slide Action Injector Removal Tool w/free Additional Adapter
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Part Number: KDTSAT
This Slide Action tool from Kurz Diesel & Tooling is the perfect gift for any diesel mechanic. KDT has optimized this tool to work with many models and parts, they are also producing adapters to fit more models. Special Introductory Pricing and FREE 14x1.5 Adapter 14x1.5 Adapter fits the following..
$269.95 $299.95

Brand: Merchant Automotive Part Number: 1090x
After a catastrophic CP4 failure, small metallic debris will be sent through the fuel system. To properly address this issue, all affected fuel system components need to be replaced. If you have experienced this failure, we have assembled a comprehensive fuel replacement kit for your LML 2011-2016 D..

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