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Brand: Bosch Part Number: 0986435504
04.5-05 6.6L LLY Duramax Stock Replacement  Bosch InjectorDon't be fooled by knock-offs, cheap imitations, or remans these are Genuine Bosch injectors with a 12 month, unlimited mile warranty!This is a 2004-2005 LLY Duramax Diesel Bosch Fuel Injector, that has been remanufactured by the same company..
$305.00 $456.60

Brand: General Motors Part Number: 98017958
The LLY's have an issue with the injector harness on #7 and #2 going bad. Sometimes this can leave your truck in limp mode or even stranded. This update kit fixes the bad wiring, correcting the problem. Kit Includes:Injector #7 wire lead Injector #2 wire lead Wire harness brackets Bolts Con..

Brand: Dynomite Diesel Part Number: DDP LLY-ECO
Duramax 04.5-05 LLY Injector Set: Remanufactured injector set, Economy Series with a very mild 10-20 RWHP increase and full injector balancing for smoother operation along with improved throttle response. Injectors balanced to much tighter tolerances than from the OEM.Little to no smoke with excelle..
$3,605.25 $3,795.00

Brand: General Motors Part Number: J00322
OEM Replacement return line retainer clip.Single clip only. Part number: J00322..

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: PDM-08382
Billet Injector Hold Downs With Heavy Duty ARP Bolts. For LLY, LBZ & LMM Duramax.Features:Built from Heat Treated High Alloy Billet Steel Comes with ARP install bolt kit Comes with a center aligning washer to allow for proper install every time Torque ARP bolts to 55FT. Lbs and use the ARP lu..
$643.00 $658.00

Brand: Merchant Automotive Part Number: 10299
LLY/LBZ Injector Body Seal Kit, 2004.5-2007 Duramax, 8 PackSet of 8 injector seals.  Seals injector body to cylinder head. Merchant part number: 10299..

Brand: S&S Diesel Motorsport Part Number: LLY-xxxSAC
S&S Diesel Motorsports NEW LLYInjector   2004.5-2005 GM Duramax Stock to 500% over-stock flow capacity Optimized nozzle to body tolerances     All injectors are new units, not remans. ..

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: 0986435504SE-IIS
The Industrial Injection Stock Reman injectors are a perfect replacement injector for someone looking for increased reliability. We balance the injectors to a tighter tolerance than the original manufacturer and have put a lot of time into making these the best injectors money can buy. All the injec..
$268.77 $274.35

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: 0986435504SEDFLY
The Industrial Injection 15% over Dragon Fly Injectors have been extrude honed and balanced to a perfect matching set injectors that flow 22LPM. The Dragon Fly 15% over injectors can be run with a stock turbo but one of our Phatshaft turbos or our compound turbo setups is highly recommended to help ..
$328.50 $338.40

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