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CP3 Pumps

Brand: Dynomite Diesel Part Number: DDP NCP3-33212
Duramax 01-10: Brand New 12mm STROKER CP3 pump sold with no core charge. This pump is capable of supporting over 1,000 RWHP with proper supporting modifications. Full fuel delivery to 6,000 RPM. New OEM unmodified FCA for improved tunability.For maximum fuel delivery, we recommend a 200 GPH (or larg..

Brand: BD Power Part Number: 1050111
We have been rebuilding injection systems since 1972. Factory trained by the best, we abide by high quality and production standards. Our Injection team is focused on producing consistent quality utilizing the highest quality parts available. We utilize world class calibration equipment and pride ou..

Brand: Bostech Part Number: HPP7308
High Pressure Fuel Pump - C3 HPFPBrand: BostechCondition: RemanufacturedLimited 13 month / unlimited mileage warrantyEngine Fitment:GM Duramax LLYTechnical Information:Mounting gaskets included: YesPart number: HPP7308..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 502-552
This diesel fuel injection pump has been thoroughly remanufactured using an exclusive process to ensure optimum quality and reliability. Critical components are replaced and clearances are verified after cleaning, reassembly and testing.Ideal replacement - this remanufactured common rail fuel inject..

Brand: Dipaco Part Number: DT660006R
DTech Remanufactured CP3 pump for 04.5-05 GM 6.6L Duramax. Direct replacement. Part number: DT660006R..

Brand: Bosch Part Number: 0986437308
04.5-05 6.6L LLY Duramax Bosch Reman Injection Pump Part: 0986437308New Part#: 0986437308$200 Core charge applies. Customer is responsible for return shipping. ..

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: 433401
04.5-05 6.6L LLY Duramax Dual CP3 Kit 1200+ HP W/ Pump Efficiency is increased and EGTs reduced (constant optimum fuel pressure is maintained) while providing enough fuel to make over 1200HP. Both pumps work together, each delivering half the total volume of fuel required, effectively sharing the f..

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: 0986437308SE-IIS
Industrial Injection Reman pumps are a little different than others in the fact that we only use brand new Bosch OEM genuine parts inside our pumps. Everything internally as well as externally besides the case of the pumps is replaced, tested and calibrated to exceed every Bosch OEM spec out there. ..

Brand: Fleece Performance Part Number: FPE-DMAX-CP3-10MM
The Fleece Performance Duramax PowerFlo CP3 is a straight forward, no inflated numbers, CP3 upgrade proven to support 750 RWHP with the proper complimenting modifications. Not only will it support 750 RWHP, but it also eliminates the factory fuel flow restiction that begins at 3,000 RPM. If you have..
$1,705.50 $1,895.00

Brand: Exergy Performance Part Number: E04-10105
The Sportsman Pump starts out life as a brand new, LBZ-based Bosch CP3 (this means no core pump is required on your part). Exergy then outfits it with the appropriate upgrades to support 650-rwhp. The key benefit to the Sportsman CP3 is its ability to flow at higher engine speeds—up to 4,500 rpm (vs..

Brand: Fleece Performance Part Number: FPE-DMAX-CP3K
The Fleece Performance CP3K is a modified Duramax LBZ CP3 designed to eliminate the factory fuel flow restriction that begins at 3,000 RPM. If you have a stock CP3 pump you are losing fuel flow and rail pressure after 3000 RPM, which correlates to lost horsepower when you need it most. This cost eff..
$1,061.10 $1,179.00

Brand: Pacific Performance Engineering Part Number: 113060x01
Get the most fuel flow possible from your stock CP3 pump. Eliminate possible cavitation damage from excessive suction with this "high flow" PPE CP3 Pump Inlet Fitting. The benefit is the larger inner diameter of the PPE fitting allowing fuel to flow 70% more efficiently than with the restrictive sto..

Brand: Exergy Performance Part Number: E04 10x06
The 6.6L Duramax 10mm Stroker CP3 starts out life as a brand new, LBZ-based CP3.  Exergy then upgrades the internals to support 800RWHP. It simply replaces the stock pump and sits in the factory location. This pump was developed with both performance and durability in mind. During testing, each 10m..

Brand: G&R Diesel Part Number: GRD00169
CNC machined stainless Push-Lock high flow fitting for your CP3. This is designed to work with any 1/2" fuel hose and does not require a hose clamp when used with Push-Lock style hose.   G&R Part Number: GRD00169..

Brand: Stainless Diesel Part Number: CP3 Pulley
Dual CP3 Pulley - Aluminum. Fits standard OEM 6 ribbed serpentine belts.  Aircraft aluminum billet material. Fits Duramax and Cummins CP3 Pumps Stainless part number: CP3 Pulley..

Brand: S&S Diesel Motorsport Part Number: CP3-DMX-xx
S&S Diesel Motorsport Duramax CP3 Pump   2001-2005 (LB7 & LLY) trucks will need updated fuel pressure regulator parameters NEW LBZ Based pump   CP3-DMX-SS Duramax SuperSport CP3 – New LBZ based – (higher output >3500rpm) CP3-DMX-10 Duramax  CP3 1325 (10mm) – New LBZ based – (22% over stock dis..

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: 0986437308SHOSE
04.5-05 6.6L LLY Duramax REMAN 42% Modified CP3 The Modified CP3 offered by Industrial Injection is a drop in replacement for the stock CP3 fuel pump. Industrial Injection offers the Modified CP3 injection pump for the 2004.5-2005 Duramax. The Modified CP3 fuel injection pump flows 42% more fuel ..

Brand: ATS Diesel Performance Part Number: 7019004290
ATS Twin CP3 System for the 2004.5-2010 Duramax doubles the fueling capability when running large tunes and bigger injectors. The system is not only designed to work in conjunction with the factory CP3, but it also maximizes the system. Utilizing ported rail fitting, larger diameter high pre..

Brand: Dipaco Part Number: DT97303762R
CR Fuel Pump 2004-1/2 - 2005 (Remanufactured) $300 core fee 1 year parts & labor warranty, click here for full details.    Cores must be:In an "as removed from engine" state. Free from excessive rust, fire damage, or other visible physical damage. Cannot have been disassembled. MPROP ele..

Brand: Pacific Performance Engineering Part Number: 113062000
The PPE 113062000 Dual Fueler Twin Pump Kit (With Pump) provides your 2004.5-2005 GM 6.6L Duramax LLY with the fuel flow needed to keep your modified engine running at peak performance. By simply bolting this kit on, your engine computer will automatically recognize both pumps and continue to delive..

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: 0986437308DF
04.5-05 6.6L LLY Duramax Dragon Fire 85% Modified CP3Part: 0 986 437 308DF..

Brand: Bosch Part Number: EPE-PMP66-97303762
Genuine Bosch stock replacement CP3 fuel pump for LLY 6.6L GM Duramax diesel engines. This common rail high pressure CP3 pump will fit Duramax diesel equipped vehicles where the 8th digit of the VIN is a 2. **Includes a 12 month, unlimited mile warranty*****CORE CHARGE OF $400***"Core Return: All c..

Brand: Exergy Performance Part Number: E04-10x07
This is a New Bosch CP3 modified for increased volume. This pump is capable of supporting 1200+hp in a single pump application. All pumps are bench tested after assembly to ensure the highest quality on the market!   Pumps are built from stock replacement CP3 pumps. They are fully tested to 180 Mp..

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: 0986437308DD
04.5-05 6.6L LLY Duramax Double Dragon Modified CP3 Part: 0 986 437 308DD..

Brand: Wehrli Custom Fabrication Part Number: WCF100246
Twin CP3 Install Kit. With Billet CP3 Pulley available in Raw or Anodized Black Finish. Mounts CP3 Pump (Sold Separate) next to AC Compressor. For Competition Use Only. WCFAB part number: WCF100246..

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