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EGR Components

Brand: Absolute Performance Part Number: ABSO-CCVFITTING
Went with an aftermarket kit and are tired of the oil drip and fumes? This fitting fixes all of that! Mounts your discharge line to your exhaust system, routing the vapors into the exhaust stream where they can burn off and not be noxious to you anymore. Fitting is designed to be welded or bolted on..

Brand: General Motors Part Number: 97365034
OE EGR cooler pipe heater hose or line. Number 9 in second image, only. Please allow one week lead time. Please call for availability if you are in a hurry. GM part number: 97365034..

Brand: Sinister Diesel Part Number: SD-EGRC-LLY
This EGR Cooler looks and fits just like a stock product, the only thing missing: the factory EGR cooler problems. We’ve taken the headaches out of EGR coolers by removing the factory material inside. To eliminate clogging, we replaced the factory material with stainless steel tubes that allow for b..

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