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2004.5-2006 LLY Duramax Rotating Assembly Parts

Brand: Wagler Competition Products Part Number: WCP6.6SFRA
The Wagler Duramax Entry Level Rotating Assembly is the ideal package for a stock workhorse or a hot street truck making up to 1,000 HP. Even if the power goals are much less, this assembly can offer piece of mind for those who abuse their engines while earning a living.Parts Included:Callies forged..

Brand: BoostLine Connecting Rods Part Number: GM6418-358
Since BoostLine's introduction to the high-horsepower world, our patented, 3-pocket design connecting rods have powered many different engines across many different disciplines of racing, from drifting to drag racing. With success in testing and development for up to 2,000HP with our connecting rod ..

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