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MBRP S60200AL 01-07 Chevy 6.6L Duramax Diesel 5" Down-pipe Back Off Road Aluminized Exhaust

How easy is it to install the industries only “true” 5 inch performance exhaust system?
Thanks to the design crew at MBRPinc, whether you go with the Down Pipe Back Off Road (which ships complete with a front pipe) or you go with a Cat Back, it will always be bolt on easy.
With every MBRPinc exhaust you can count on not wasting any time before you are enjoying the dynamite sound and chilly EGTs that only a 5 inch can provide.
And when it comes to Duramax, whether its an LB7, an LLY or the new LBZ you can count on it fitting right the first time.

MBRP: S60200AL

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