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01-10 GM 6.6L Duramax Performance 200 Velocity Fuel System Install Kit

Velocity Series Diesel Performance 200 Install Kit

FUELAB® is proud to introduce our new series of Diesel Performance Lift Pumps and Filtration Systems.  The Velocity 100GPH Lift Pump with Filter and Velocity 200GPH Lift Pump with Filter and Vortex Air Separator represent a major upgrade in diesel lift pump efficiency and technology.

Consult instructions included with Fuelab® Velocity Series 200 Fuel System. This Installation Kit is also intended to be used for replacement of OEM lift pump systems that are originally installed on vehicle. This kit applies to GM Duramax® Diesel Vehicles, between and including the years of 2001-2010.

Install Kit Includes:

  • FL500 Fuel Line, 1/2” , Superflex Qty 12’
  • FL375 Fuel Line, 3/8” , Superflex Qty 7’
  • 10ORB08 10 ORB x 08 MJIC adapter, Steel Qty 1
  • 08ORB08 08 ORB x 08 MJIC adapter, Steel Qty 1
  • 08ORB06 08 ORB x 06 MJIC adapter, Steel Qty 1
  • PO188 08 FJIC swivel x 1/2” pushlock Qty 2
  • PO166 08 FJIC swivel x 3/8” pushlock Qty 1
  • QC500 1/2” QC for return Qty 1
  • WCL500 Clamp for Inlet Straining Filter Qty 3
  • CBT6 Cable Ties, Nylon 5" Qty 6
  • 551770 Inlet Straining Filter Qty 1
  • EPH15 Extended pump harness with fused adapter kit Qty 1
  • CL32 Filler Neck Clamp Qty 2
  • FNR Filler Neck Return Qty 1

Fuelab part number: 20202

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