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01-04 GM 6.6L Duramax DHD Fuel Filter Head Update Kit W/Heater

Here at DHD we were tired of telling our LB7 friends that their fuel filter head assembly costs $500+! So we did something about it!

Our DHD 700-003K kit is designed to equip your LB7 truck or van with the newer 2005-2012 GM fuel filter head assembly. We supply everything you need to make a safe, clean and effective install.

Don't be fooled by sites claiming their $100 housing fits all Duramax engines. We have spent the time to check their claims and we don't like the results. The housing inlets and outlets are drastically different on the LB7 vs LLY+ trucks. We could not achieve clean, kink-free hose routing without having 3ft of bulk hose creatively routed and zip tied. Thats not our style, so we made it our mission to develop a relocation kit to make the budget friendly new style housing fit.

By slightly relocating the housing we have made filter changes and hose routing a breeze. The new location made it possible to use a GM molded hose for the filter outlet so your install wont include cramming a piece of bulk hose into the congested valley like with other installs.

Kit Includes:

(1) GM Molded Low Pressure Fuel Hose

(1) 12"pc of 1/2" Instagrip Fuel Hose

(4) Clamps

(1) DHD Billet Housing Adapter

(1) Updated GM Filter Housing w/Heater (12645619)

Avoid the $691.98 GM 97780061 list price on a LB7 filter head assembly. Buy this complete kit for less then half!

Part Number: 700-003K

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