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01-19 GM 6.6L Duramax PPE Premium High-Efficiency Oil Filter

Offering more than double the surface area of a conventional oil filter, the PPE Premium High-Efficiency Oil Filter is just what your engine oil needs to stay cleaner, longer.

Specially engineered synthetic filtration media achieves superior filtration to catch and hold minute dirt and particle down to 5 microns. A typical OEM-quality oil filter removes about 72% of particles in the 8 to 10-micron range. A high-power magnet is secured at the bottom of the filter. It catches any large metal debris, preventing them from clogging the filter media. The base plate and the canister are both enhanced with thicker materials.  

With twice the surface area, twice the filtration and twice the filter life of conventional filters, the PPE Premium High-Efficiency Oil Filter is your number one choice for superior oil filter performance.


  • Direct replacement for the stock oil filter - no adapter!
  • High-efficiency 5-micron filtration
  • Bypass is 10 PSI over OEM
  • Filter increases oil capacity by one quart
  • 900 sq. in. of synthetic filtration media, 100% increase compared to the OEM filter
  • Media is secured by spiral adhesives
  • Perforated metal center tube
  • Enhanced, thicker base plate
  • Compatible with conventional and synthetic oils

Part number: 114000550

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