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01-05 GM 6.6L Duramax Merchant Water Pump With Cover And Gaskets

Water pumps are common wear items not only in Duramax trucks but in all vehicles. A failing pump can cause catastrophic damage if not taken care of early. The water pump is what is responsible for keeping coolant flowing throughout your engine, keeping it cool. As your Duramax gets older, the factory component can start to deteriorate due to old age. If you do not have your coolant flushed at the recommended factory intervals, you could see the premature failure of your coolant pump. This 2001-2005 GM Duramax water pump kit w/ cover is a great way to get your pump replaced with factory-like components.

This Duramax Water Pump Kit includes everything you need to replace the factory pump on your 2001-2005 GM Duramax equipped truck. In this kit, you will receive a brand new water pump with cover,  studs, flywheel lock, and all of the necessary seals and gaskets to complete the install. This comprehensive kit was designed specifically for completing the job on your Duramax engine from start to finish.


  • Direct Replacement 
  • Restores Factory Like Function
  • All In One Kit


  • OEM Style Water Pump
  • All Necessary Seals Included
  • OEM Style Studs Included

What's In The Box

  • Water Pump with Cover
  • Water Pump To Engine Cover Seal - 94013304
  • Flywheel Lock - 22110
  • 2  Studs - 11611145
  • Bypass Pipe Seal - 94011603
  • Upper Bypass Pipe Seal - 94011602
  • Outlet Gasket - 97188663

How Do I Know If My Duramax Water Pump Is Bad?

When water pumps start to fail, there are a few tell-tell signs to indicate that you need to replace your water pump as soon as possible. Luckily, most water pumps will show symptoms of failing before they completely fail. This may include a coolant leak from the weep hole, a small hole in the housing, designed to leak coolant in failure situations. You may also notice rust or deposit buildup on the internal impellor in more extreme cases. A loose pulley or a pump that is making whining noises can occur, but is less common. Lastly, if your truck is overheating, this is one of the many culprits you will need to check when diagnosing why your truck is overheating.

Part number: 10549

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