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L5P Tuning Package

L5P Tuning Package from DuramaxTuner




2017 & 2018 L5P Duramax Tuning from DuramaxTuner/Calibrated Power 

Take your L5P to the next level with custom tuning!  L5P Tuning Package includes everything you need to tune your 2017 & 2018 L5P Duramax. No need to delete your exhaust or tamper with emissions equipment to get the best performance out of your truck.  Our L5P Tuning Package unlocks the power potential that you paid for when you bought the truck from the factory.   


While the rated horse power for the L5P is 445 HP and 910 ft-lbs of torque it dyno'd 405 Rear Wheel Horse Power (RWHP) and 850 ft-lbs on our loaded chassis dyno.  This is an improvement from previous models but if you have ever driven a diesel truck at 500+ RWHP you will immediately notice the difference.  


This package includes:



    • HP Tuners Unlocked ECM


    • HP Tuners Unlocked TCM 


    • HP Tuners Unlocked MPVI2 cable


    • HP Tuners Universal Credits


    • DuramaxTuner.com's ECM Tuning

      • Tow Tune (485 RWHP)


      • Sport Econ Tune (550 RWHP)

    • DuramaxTuner.com's TCM Tuning

      • Increased clutch holding capacity


    • Improved shift quality



HP Tuners Disclaimers:

Note this ECM exchange service is completed at the owners risk, HP Tuners will not be responsible for the vehicle, its power-train or electronics, nor how the ECM is used, calibrated and its functionality. Should you experience any issues with your ECM, please contact support@hptuners.com for assistance and how to proceed.

A reminder that your ECM will not be returned to you, this service is an “exchange” and you will receive another modified ECM in its place. There is no outright purchase option available at this time.

We exchange and modify ECMs as fast as we can, but initially, please allow at least 3 business days (plus the time to ship the ECM) per ECM that you send in for the exchange process to be completed.