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GM DHD High Pressure Power Steering Line Upgrade Kit

GM DHD High Pressure Power Steering Line Upgrade Kit




DHD 600-540 High Pressure Power Steering Lines

The stock high pressure power steering lines are prone to leakage. If you replace them with OEM or generic replacement parts youll get the same leakage soon after installation. Fix this problem once and for all with our upgrade kit. We replace the OEM crimp style fittings with high quality reusable stainless steel fittings welded to the rigid tube. The hose is replaced with 3000 psi stainless steel braided hose. The concept is similar to our extremely popular trans-line repair kits that we have been selling for years. The power steering line kit comes with both high pressure lines so you can finally fix those leaking hoses forever.

Note: The power steering pump noise output will increase slightly with our upgrade kit. The OEM lines deaden the sound output from the stock power steering pump due to the weak expandable stock rubber. The braded stainless steel lines that we use in our kits are more rigid than factory and dont expand under pressure. The result is not being able to muffle the power steering pump noise output as effective as OEM.

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