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15-17 GM 2500/3500 4X4 BD Power 2wd Low Gearing Kit

15-17 GM 2500/3500 4X4 BD Power 2wd Low Gearing Kit

From BD Power BD Power

List price: $156.00  


You save: $8.00 (5%)

2 Low UnLoc - Chevy 2015-2017 2500-3500 4wd / 2014-2017 1500 4wd


  • Installation is simple, the kit plugs in under the hood
  • No wire cutting or splicing
  • Kit comes with an illuminated rocker switch for control and to indicate when the front axle is being overridden
  • Designed to allow the operator to manually disable the front wheel drive mechanism by holding the hubs in the free (2WD) mode with the transfer case in 4WD low range
  • By allowing the front wheels to be disengaged, maximum torque is available to the rear wheels
  • This will also allow for sharp "All The Way Over" turns without the front axle u-joint hopping or binding
  • With this kit installed, the front wheels will NOT be driven through the transfer case
  • Allows to have full power and torque while in a high gear reduction applied to the rear axle(s) only

BD Power part number: 1030711

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