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19-22 GM Silverado/Sierra 5.3 & 6.2L Gas Edge Product EVO HT2 Tuner & ECM Mod Kit

Fits: 2019-2022 GM Silverado/ Sierra 5.3 & 6.2L Gas

The Evo HT2 ECM MOD tuner is the simplest and most powerful tuning solution on the market for the 2019-2022 5.3L and 6.2L GM Gas trucks.  The 2019+ GM trucks were a tough vehicle to calibrate as tuning through the OBD2 port without an ECM modification is not as simple as it used to be.  However, the engineers here at Edge didn't let that stop them.  We know that Silverado and Sierra truck owners like to improve performance, increase throttle response, and improve daily drivability, so we got to work.  We've developed the most seamless ECM MOD process on the market and by far the most affordable.  It is no surprise that Edge continues to innovate and provide solutions where others have failed.

Max gains of 37hp/36tq in 5.3L and 45hp/45tq in 6.2L! Our track testing showed a 4mph gain in the 1/4-mile and shaved 4-tenths from our 0-60mph times!

The new ECM MOD process is simple and the costs are built into the product.  Once you purchase an EvoHT2 ECM MOD kit, you simply need to wait to receive the product and follow the provided instructions in the package to remove your computer and get it ready to send into Edge to be unlocked. Once you have your product, you'll also want to go to the link below to generate your reference number for your ECM send-in. From that point, simply send in the ECM, well unlock it and send it back, typically within the same business day we receive it.  Once you've received your unlocked ECM back, install it, and you're ready to tune!  We took the guesswork out of this process and made it as simple and quick as possible.  Now you can drive tuned with Edge!


Edge: 26041-S



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