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GM AAM 11.5 In 38-Spline Differential Dirty Locker

DHD 602-4340 Dirty Locker & 38-Spline 4340 Axle Kit GM & Chrysler AAM 11.5" Rear Axle

This is the LOCKER only. It does NOT include axles, and it DOES NOT work with Yukon 38 spline axles. It only works with DHD 38 spline axles. 

With all the success of the Yukon Grizzly Locker and our 38 spline axle shafts in the diesel industry, we have finally come up with a solution to marry both products together. The result of the combined forces resulted in what we like to call our DHD Dirty Locker. We now have the ultimate solution for those that dont want to run our spool but still want our heavy duty 38 spline axle shafts with a street-able differential. Our Dirty Lockers provide 100% power to both tires, while still allowing for disengagement while negotiating turns.

The Dirty Locker is a mechanical locking rear differential. It features a forged case and 8620 internals for maximum strength. We redesigned the axle couplers utilizing a heat treated 4340 material, which allows us the ability to run our heavy duty axles with a street-able differential. Its patented design reduces common locker failures. Everything is assembled and built in house ready for you to install.

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