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01+ GM 2500/3500 & 03+ Dodge 2500/3500 14 Bolt 11.5” Rear Axle PPE Heavy Duty Differential Cover

Heavy Duty PPE Differential Cover cast from A356-T6 aluminum alloy. Cast aluminum finish and greater surface area optimize heat transfer. Prolongs life of rear differential gears by reducing oil temperature. Robust side ribs provide additional strength. Fluid capacity increased to 4 quarts. Includes 3/8” NPT stainless steel drain plug and 1” sight level / fill plug with a powerful Neodymium magnet to attract & hold harmful ferrous metals. Easy installation with included fasteners. High quality CMP - 4000 high performance gasket.


  • Increased fluid capacity to 4 quarts
  • Cast from A356-T6 Aluminum
  • Cast aluminum finish increases heat dissipation reducing oil temperature
  • Robust side ribs provide additional strength
  • Greater surface area reduces gear oil temperature
  • 1" Neodymium magnet sight level / fill plug collects harmful ferrous metals
  • 3/8" NPT stainless steel drain plug
  • 1/8" and 1/4" stainless temperature probe access plug
  • 2001 and Newer GM 2500 / 3500 trucks with 14 bolt - 11.5”
  • 2003 and Newer Dodge 2500 / 3500 trucks with 14 bolt - 11.5”
  • 6mm Allen wrench required for installation, not included

Please choose finish above:

  • Raw (138051000)
  • Black (138051020)
  • Brushed (138051010)

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