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Banks Power 04-10 GM 6.6L Duramax Banks Speed Brake

04-10 GM 6.6L Duramax Banks Speed Brake
Banks Power 04-10 GM 6.6L Duramax Banks Speed Brake

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  • Part Number: 5544x
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Imagine setting your "comfort zone" and cutting downhill speed by nearly 80% without even touching the brake pedal, keeping your brakes cool and ready for emergencies should they arise. The SpeedBrake increases the stopping power of your truck and extends the service life of your brakes, and does so while maintaining your sanity.

That's what we thought too, but the other products on the market provide inadequate braking power and actually allow your speed to increase as you plummet faster and faster downhill. With the competition's poor performing product, you are forced to use your truck's brakes and manually shift your transmission in an effort to gain lost confidence.

The SpeedBrake is an all-electronic mastermind of braking technology. Plug-in connection makes for a clean, simple installation without cutting or tapping into vital wire harnesses. There's no crawling under the truck to cut up your exhaust system and no mechanical "adjustments" necessary to insure its function. SpeedBrake uses the trucks own components to give you the safety you need when towing, so there's no added mechanical parts to second guess.

With the SpeedBrake there's no competition and no compromise. This smart device becomes an active component of your vehicle, constantly monitoring and adjusting systems to achieve the speed setting you command. With its patented technology the SpeedBrake controls your transmission's shifting, locks and unlocks the torque converter and infinitely varies the VG turbo's vanes to hold your set speed and maximize stopping performance to ensure that you have the safety and confidence for the long haul. Watch it all happen as the Banks iQ keeps you informed by displaying important parameters and on-screen alerts you set. And... it's also an OBD-II scan tool. - Now That's Smart!

An active component of your vehicle:

SpeedBrake >>> Banks iQ
SpeedBrake to Banks iQ
Only Banks’ touch-screen vehicle command center gives you easy-to-use and highly flexible control of the SpeedBrake, and tells you everything you need to know at a glance.
SpeedBrake >>> Engine Control Unit
SpeedBrake to ECU
Only SpeedBrake intercepts variable geometry turbocharger, torque converter and transmission communications from the ECU and changes them to optimize the braking performance that you command.
SpeedBrake >>> Torque Converter
SpeedBrake to Torque Converter
SpeedBrake controls and automatically locks up the vehicle’s torque converter to ensure that all engine braking force is sent directly through the transmission to the vehicle’s drive wheels where it is fully utilized.
SpeedBrake >>> Transmission
SpeedBrake to Transmission
Only SpeedBrake controls the gear selection in order to select the best gear for any given braking situation without building excessive engine RPM.
SpeedBrake >>> Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT)
SpeedBrake to Transmission
Only SpeedBrake captures control of the VGT, varying vane position to provide optimal engine backpressure. Braking is instantaneously variable to allow for downhill target speed control. See the vanes »


SpeedBrake has operating modes and settings to suit your style and driving conditions. ON mode lets you select three levels of braking aggressiveness: HIGH, MED, LOW. Use AUTO MODE to select and automatically maintain a specified downhill speed (25 - 75 mph). In addition, the user can enable or disable FOOT BRAKE ACTIVATION, depending on individual preferences and vehicle load.

Banks iQ provides 2-way communication, has a system status indicator with on-screen alerts, and OBDII scan tool capability. In addition, it displays numerous vehicle parameters, from current braking effort and operating gear to braking mode and target speed. Amazing!

So why settle for primitive exhaust brakes that barely brake? If your diesel hauls and navigates hills, step up to the world's strongest, most advanced exhaust brake: the all-electronic Banks SpeedBrake!


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