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Allison A50 TCM with DDP Trans tuning

09-15 Duramax Allison Replacement A50 TCM




The A50 Transmission Control Module found in the 2009-2015 Duramax is prone to failure. The internal circuit board fails and is not serviceable.  When this failure occurs the truck owner may experience Range Shift Inhibited, Service Brake System, Service stabilatrak, loss of gear shift indicator, slamming into Drive or Reverse, and DTC U0101 for loss of communication with TCM.

This repair at a dealership can cost $700-1000 on average plus the tow bill to get the truck there.  Other TCMs on the internet are blank and still need the dealer to program it.  Then there is that tow bill again. Both options are costly and give you a stock TCM calibration when you're done.  Who wants that?

We offer our Pre Tuned A50/T14 TCM that is programmed with our Custom EFILive calibrations.  This plug and play TCM will improve the shift quality and drive experience with your truck.  We raise the shift points for 4th, 5th and 6th gears to keep the engine in a better rpm range to prevent it from lugging.  This is nice especially if you have larger tires.  We adjust torque converter lock up strategy to put the power to the ground sooner under full throttle and keep it locked during shifts.  We adjust the torque limits to allow the truck to make more power above 3000 rpm at full throttle and improve throttle response when leaving a stop. 

This TCM is delivered right to your door and takes roughly 5 minutes to install. 

No core required. 

Dan's Diesel Performance part nubmer: DDP-A50

Lifetime Warranty