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Allison 1000 01+ Chevy Duramax Viper Triple Disk Torque Converter

Allison 1000 01+ Chevy Duramax Vigilante Triple Disk Torque Converter



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GM Torque Converters

If you are RACING or SLED PULLING we HIGHLY recommend the steel stator upgrade, Precision does not warranty failed stators. Standard Stators fail because of "spooling up" the turbo, steel stators are much heavier duty and are less likely to fail.

The introduction of lock-up torque converters from the OEM manufacturers in 1979 created a challenge for the high-performance torque converter industry to develop, design and manufacture this type of torque converter. Benefits of the lock-up torque are less heat in the transmission and better fuel efficiency. Precision Industries designed the first 9.5 & 10.5-inch lock-up torque converter in 1992.

5-Year Warranty protects against:

-Material defects

-Workmanship defects

1 Free stall change within 2-years of purchase date

Precision Industries starts the production of these chevy torque converters with a 98-pound piece of billet steel that we machine in our CNC equipment ending up with a one-piece front cover weighing 12 pounds depending on what torque converter series we are building. The billet front cover is one of many reasons that enable Precision Industries to produce a superior product over many of our competitors that try to imitate and copy our product designs. We prefer machining our billet front covers over purchasing forged steel covers due to balancing, excessive weight and density problems that can arise from forgings in torque converters. One of the benefits of our cover is an increased clutch surface area by as much as five times over OEM specifications. The increase in the clutch surface area along with the unique clutch lining we use ensures that no matter what the application you can retain the lock-up feature for efficiency without durability issues.

Can only be shipped "Signature Required".

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