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6.5L Turbo Diesel Exhaust Systems

Brand: DieselSite Part Number: XOVER65xW
DIESELSITE STAINLESS STEEL BELLOWED CROSSOVER PIPE*Note*  These will not work with manual transmissions right now, but we are working on the set(s). Please check back soon!  Finally, a cross-over pipe with bellows! You may not know, but the OE pipes have no ability to flex during thermal e..
Brand: Diamond Eye Part Number: 321099
FOR 1993., 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000- Chevy 6.5l diesel 2500/3500 - 2.5" aluminized - performance diesel exhaust  - cross-over pipe - 2 piece design leave options for applications where the heads have been decked. Diamond Eye part number: 321099 *NOT FOR SALE IN STATES WITH C.A.R.B..
Brand: AFE Part Number: 49-91002
The aFe Universal fit 409 Stainless Steel Performance Muffler is designed to provide a deep, throaty, powerful sound on acceleration but maintain a smooth sound at idle. This muffler is constructed of brushed finished 409 stainless steel and uses a straight through perforated core with heat resistan..
Brand: Aftermarket Parts Part Number: NIC 16219
2 13/16" - Length 7/8" - Height 5/16" - Hanger Holes 1 1/2" - Spacing between holes Part number: 16219 (16219-1, 16219-10, BR560-001)..
Brand: FloPro Part Number: 822xx
Fits, GM Detroit Diesel 1994-2000 6.5L 2500/3500. For, Extended/Club Cab, Long/Short box, Dually. Exclude Suburban 4" Mandrel bent tubing for maximum flow, with 3" down pipe. Lower Exhaust Gas TemperaturesMore Pulling PowerUtilizes OEM HangersIncreased Horsepower and Torque Easy Bolt-on Kits, "Ev..
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