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1996+ GM 6.5 Detroit Quadstar OBD2 Single Tune

1996+ GM 6.5 Detroit Quadstar OBD2 Single Tune
1996+ GM 6.5 Detroit Quadstar OBD2 Single Tune

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  • Part Number: QS96ST
  • Est. Ship Time: Currently on Backorder!

New ones on Backorder No ETA   **Updated on 10/03/2023**

Do have option to send in ECM first to be built!

For all 1996 and newer 6.5L Turbo diesel vehicles including trucks, vans, cab-chassis, boats, and anything else with a DS4 pump!  This PCM is a sealed unit and requires re-flashing with a custom tune.  We will assist with choosing the best tune for your vehicle so don't hesitate to message or call.  All vehicle specifications will be collected from customers after an order is placed (usually within 24 hours).

Popular variants include:

Stock Turbo (Vacuum system or mechanical/spring wastegate)

Economy/Daily Driver



Quadstar Turbo Swaps

Holset Style Turbo Swaps

Economy/Daily Driver



Other popular setups and custom builds, we can handle it all!

Don't fall for generic HP/TQ gain advertisements! When you talk to us about what you can expect from tuning, you talk to the actual tuner who will be manipulating your PCM to deliver what we promise!

Quadstar Part Number - QS96ST

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