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6.5 Detroit High Flow Upper Intake Plenum

6.5 Detroit High Flow Upper Intake Plenum
6.5 Detroit High Flow Upper Intake Plenum

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  • Part Number: QSHFUIP
  • Est. Ship Time: Product Unavailable

Our exclusive laser cut, hand-fabricated high-flow plenums for 6.2L and 6.5L diesels.  These come in multiple versions to support many different configurations.  Perfect for mechanical or electronic injection trucks with no extra fab work required to figure out where sensors will go.

On most engines, especially those with upgraded turbos, you will instantly notice less cruise boost, lower EGT and lower IAT.  This all happens due to removing the restriction present in factory plenums so the turbocharger is not constantly pushing air up against a "wall".

We can also add WMI ports (Water Methanol Injection) during fabrication to accommodate your 1/8" NPT nozzles!  If you don't have an aftermarket WMI kit then please disregard this option.

Curved Outlet - 3" tubular connection to side-mount turbo with an integrated hose retention flange.

4 ply silicon coupling and t-bolt clamps are included

100% weld circumference from pipe to flange

These mate directly to the turbo and can be made in a few styles

 Intake Base Plate Option:

6 bolt F Code 6.5L flange. 3/8" thick. Compatible with non-egr intake manifolds ONLY

2 bolt J Code 6.2L flange. Also fits non-egr 6.2 intakes that have the same bolt pattern as the J Code. Requires RTV to seal

 Sensor Style Option:

If you are unsure, trucks built before 1994 had mechanical injection. 1994 and newer trucks have electronic injection with a PMD.

DB2 - Mechanical Injection - 2x 1/8" NPT sensor bungs with plugs.

DS4 - Electronic Injection - 2x 1/8" NPT bungs, MAP Sensor Flange, and IAT sensor bung. The only simple BOLT-ON plenums for DS4 injection trucks

Neither style requires a "boost bolt" since the ports are built into the flange for you!

New flange bolts are included with all styles.

*If you need a round 6.2 non turbo or j-code intake flange, please specify here by adding notes. Otherwise, the plenum will be made with the more common 6.5L 6 bolt turbo intake flange

*These are fabricated to order and can take up to a week to ship.

Quadstar Part Number - QSHFUIP

Lame California Prop 65 Notice