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17-19 GM L5P 6.6L Duramax Banks Boost Tube Upgrade Kit

Banks Boost Tubes are the largest charge air cooler pipes in the industry! Featuring a full mandrel bent 3.5" diameter compared to competitors’ 3” or the the stock 2.5" crush-bent tubes. Made of high-quality aluminized steel, Banks Boost Tubes allow for a quicker turbo spool by improving boost pressure retention (increasing air density) between turbo, intercooler, and intake resulting in maximum horsepower.

Greater cooling capacity

Improves airflow by 87% over stock

Allow the turbocharger to spool up faster

Constant diameter tubing for the best flow

Billet venturi couplers maintain boost pressure

Compliments Derringer Tuner, Ram-Air Intake , and Monster Exhaust

Bung for a temperature probe

Flows 680 CFM vs 364 CFM stock

5-ply heavy-duty silicone couplers

Spring-loaded constant tension clamps

Mandrel-bent aluminized steel construction

Huge increase in size and flow over stock and competitors (3.5" vs 2.5")

Part number: 25999

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