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14-15 Chevy Cruze 2.0L OZ Tuner EFILive Autocal w/ Custom ECM Tuning

14-15 Chevy Cruze 2.0L OZ Tuner EFILive AutoCal w/ Custom ECM Tuning

From OZ Tuner OZ Tuner

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The OZ Tuner OZ-AC-CRZ-LUZ EFILive AutoCal with Custom ECM Tuning allows you to increase performance in your 2014-2015 Chevy 2.0L Cruze Diesel. This tuner comes loaded with 3 tuning options; a 30hp tune (see results below), 40hp tune, and a 50hp tune. All tunes retain the factory emissions equipment and attain similar fuel economy to the factory calibration when driven in a similar manner.

How It Works:Once you purchase the OZ Tuner AutoCal, OZ Tuner will custom build your tune based upon the fields above: VIN, and Year range.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increased Throttle Response
  • Smooth Driving Characteristics
  • Increased Top End Performance
  • Factory Emissions Intact
  • Reduced Torque Limiting
  • Update Capabilities

30HP Tune Dyno Results:

  • @2100 RPM: +73hp/183 lb-ft
  • @3000 RPM: +31hp/54 lb-ft
  • @3200-3800 RPM: +30hp/49 lb-ft

Note: The 50hp tune may cause accelerated diesel particulate accumulation with repeated full throttle launches. This may cause more frequent regeneration and possibly require a manual regeneration that must be performed using a GM service tool. OZ Tuner and PDP are not responsible for expenses incurred due to the use of the OZ Tuner. OZ will not build lope tunes, nor will they build or endorse the use of "Smoke" tunes.

OZ Tuner part number: OZ-AC-CRZ-LUZ.

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