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11-17 Chevy/GMC Duramax Allison LCT 1000 Line Pressure Modifier LML L5P

11-17 Chevy/GMC Duramax Allison LCT 1000 Line Pressure Modifier LML L5P DHD




One of the cheapest and simplest durability additions anyone can make to their 2011-2017 Allison LCT 1000.


From the factory line pressure on the LML/L5P trans reaches about 230psi, but only during shifts. After the shift the EPC solenoid is used to dump pressure down to about 80psi. After lots of testing we have found that 80psi is way to low for trucks that tow daily or have aggressive tunes.


The DHD "LPM" safely increases transmission working pressure to 230psi all the time. This added line pressure helps eliminate slippage, gear hunting and lazy shifts.


This LPM is designed to replace the EPC solenoid in the valve body and eliminate its function while having no negative side effects or check engine lights.


Installation is easy. Drain the transmission fluid, remove the pan,  remove the solenoid and plug it into the back of the LPM while leaving the factory harness connected. Reassemble and your done. No break-in procedures or complicated relearns.


DHD does not recommend using this in conjunction with other pressure modifying components. If your truck has trans line pressure increase wrote into a tune or if there has been hard parts replaced to increase line pressure we do not recommend adding the LPM.

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