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01-05 LB7/LLY Chevy/GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel High Idle/Valet Switch

01-05 LB7/LLY Chevy/GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel High Idle/Valet Switch




2001-2005 Chevy/GM 6.6L LB7 &  LLY Duramax Diesel High Idle/Valet Switch 

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  • 2001-2004 LB7 6.6L Duramax Diesel 2500 & 3500 series trucks.
  • 2004.5 through 2005 LLY 6.6L Duramax Diesel 2500 & 3500 series trucks.
  • Raises idle to 1,200 or 1,800 RPM while in Park to cool or heat the interior more effectively. Also features a valet mode to keep others from abusing your truck.
  • Factory wiring and harnesses that are plugged into OEM locations.

Product Description:

Pacific Performance Engineering, the Duramax specialists, brings new technology to all existing Duramax Diesel Trucks. Similar to how the Duramaximizer and Xcelerator have revolutionized all Duramax trucks, this new product will set the standard in prolonging the life of all Duramax Trucks. This new product is called the High Idle/Valet Switch and has two great features.

The first feature of the High Idle is designed to increase the RPM of the Duramax Truck. While the engine is running, and in park, the cruise control device can be switched on and the engine will begin to increase the RPM to 1,200. The High Idle can also raise the RPM to 1,800 by pushing on the acceleration switch for the cruise control. The High Idle switch eliminates the use of another person stepping on the accelerator such as in the case of trying to jump start another vehicle. On those hot or cold days you can set the idle up to create a comfortable air temperature for the interior.

Turning the High Idle switch off is just one click away. The High Idle can be switched off directly on the mounted switch, or another push on the cruise control device can lower the RPM, and stepping on the brakes lowers the RPM. Due to the safety feature of shifting gears, the brakes must be applied before changing from the parked position to any other setting. This prevents the transmission from any damage while the High Idle switch is enabled and the RPM are increased.

The second feature of the High Idle switch is called the valet mode. This feature is designed to protect the vehicle from anybody who might want to abuse the power of the Duramax Diesel. Once enabled, the High Idle disables all performance enhancements made to the Duramax such as power chips, propane boosting equipment, and even the Xcelerator and Duramaximizer. The High Idle is designed to limit any would be drivers or valet parkers to accelerate the truck in full throttle. The High Idle limits the Duramax to a maximum of only 2,000 RPM and a maximum speed of 55 MPH. In such a case where a Duramax Diesel reaches speeds of 45 MPH and the driver decides to go full throttle, the High Idle not only protects the truck from potential damage, but it reduces the speed of the truck back down to 30 MPH while keeping a maximum of about 2,000 RPM.

Similar to other Pacific Performance products the High Idle is a true plug and play device that comes with all the necessary equipment. The face plate and harness is a genuine GM factory part identical to the existing face plate and harness in all Duramax Diesel Trucks. The plate is designed to fit any existing control devices such as a Duramaximizer, fog lamp, or even the factory air bag. This new face plate comes equipped with a new slot for the High Idle switch. Note the switch includes a LED light indicating if the High Idle is in use. An alternate switch can be installed that can be hidden away from other passengers or drivers instead of the switch shown above.


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