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Carli Suspension

Carli Suspension Upgrades for Ford, Chevy, & Dodge trucks


Carli Suspension products are created to meet the expectations of the daily street driver to the most extreme avid off road enthusiast. From the urban street jungles to the desolate dusty roads of Baja, Carli Suspension products will exceed all expectations. Stock production trucks are built by standards that are influenced greatly by keeping costs down. From an enthusiast point of view these standards simply do not work for them. From the person looking to get a better ride with a more aggressive stance to the person looking get serious off road performance, Carli Suspension understands the needs of the enthusiasts. When Sage Carli started Carli Suspension, he embarked upon a mission to bring the highest quality performance suspension systems to the market. In order for Sage to attain this goal he surrounded himself with all the right people which consisted of experts of their fields such as King Shock Technology, Deaver Springs, and Bilstein Shocks. By letting the experts of these fields do what they do best, each and every Carli Suspension system exceeds the expectations of even the most stringent consumer. By focusing on the goal of having the best suspension systems on the market, Carli Suspension has developed multiple high performance Dodge suspension systems that are of the highest quality and the best performing on the market. Carli Suspension is committed to quality and excellence. This is epitomized by the ever growing list of satisfied customers. Carli Suspension's relentless pursuit of producing the best performing suspension systems is something that can be felt every time a customer drives their truck. Carli wouldn't have it any other way.

Chromoly Motor Mounts   These heavy-duty motor mounts are another O.E.M product taken to another level by Carli Suspension Inc. After miles of...


In Carli's 6" lift multi-rate springs, each coil is spaced differently making them a variable spring rate. Initially it is easy to compress these springs for the first couple of inches. As you apply more force, the coils come closer to each other. After a certain point, the coils at the bottom 1/4 of these springs begin to touch each other and finally become inactive or dead, which makes the spring stiffer. The more force you apply to the multi-rate spring, the more the rate increases. So, these springs are compliant to very small bumps on the road, while achieving control when needed off road, or even during hard braking, and turning. These springs allow you to achieve the highest performance while driving hard and providing a smooth, comfortable drive the rest of the time.


  • 6.0 inches of lift
  • Shot peened and pre set
  • Guaranteed under the harshest conditions

 Carli part #CS-MRC6-03-D


High Clearance Control Arms Designed from the ground up for maximum tire clearance and unmatched strength, Carli's Fabricated High Clearance Control Arms...


Designed for the AAM American Axle found under Heavy Duty Dodges, the Carli Axle Truss is a crucial component for the avid off-roader that routinely puts...


This is one of those things that you have to have if you're going off road. The OEM front differential cover is soft steel and the lip is vulnerable to...


The single biggest improvement of ride quality out of Carli's entire line of Dodge Ram Components. The OEM sway bar's torsion rate is extremely high and it...

This adjustable track bar is a must for any Dodge 2500-3500 4x4 with a lift. The track bar will center the axle side to side and ensure proper suspension geometry. The track bar will also give a tighter feel to the front end by eliminating the O.E.M rubber bushings.


  • Contructed from 1.50 x .250 wall Chromoly tube
  • CNC bent for perfect fitment
  • Tig-Welded in house
  • 7/8" bearing on the axle side
NEW 6" Track Bar Option!
Now available for trucks with up to 6 inches of front lift for 2003+ Rams!  If you are running a 6" lift, previously you could not install a Carli track bar.  However, Carli has just introduced their track bar drop bracket to be used in conjunction with their newly designed track bar to properly recenter the axle on taller lifts.  Simply choose how much front end lift you have from the drop down box below.

Carli Suspension part #:CS-PRB-03

Carli Suspension
Dodge Ram Front End Upgrade Kit

03 - 12 2500 / 3500 4x4
03 - 08 1500 Megacab 4x4

Has the steering on your Dodge Ram lost that tight feel? It is very common for the front end of these heavy trucks to loosen up after seeing some miles. Daimler-Chrysler has sent out many TSB's regarding excessive play in the O.E.M.track bar and weak performance in the O.E.M. steering stabilizer.

  • Extended Service Life
  • Aggressive Off-Road Durability
  • Full Rebuildable Components
  • More Precise Steering
  • Life of the Vehicle Components

You may also hear from your dealer that there is an allowable amount of play in the ball joints before they need to be replaced. We have seen hundreds of trucks pass through the shop with any or all of these problems.  Symptoms may vary from a slight shutter in the steering wheel to the dreaded death wobble.

Solution: We have put together the Front End Upgrade Kit to properly correct these issues the first time. By including all the key front end components in a package we can guarantee that your truck will feel and handle like a completely different truck. Tighter and more precise steering are both features that you can expect after installing this system.

Why it works:The reason that the Front End Upgrade Kit will make such a dramatic improvement is because we replace the 3 most problematic components in the front end:

  1. The O.E.M track bar which has vulcanized rubber bushings on both ends. The rubber bushings are prone to breakdown over time which will cause excessive side-to-side movement of the front axle. Our Adjustable track Bar has a 3/4" chromoly rod end with a 7/8" threaded shaft at the axle end, and a heavy duty Delrin bushing at the frame end. This will eliminate any unwarranted movement from the axle and holds a much longer service life.

  2. The O.E.M. steering stabilizer is what is called an "oil shock". This means that there is no gas pressure to create resistance when cycling the shock. This type of stabilizer is limited to how much dampening it can provide. Our High Mount Steering Stabilizer uses an Internal Floating Piston (IFP) style stabilizer which has a separate chamber to house the nitrogen gas keeping it separate from the oil. This makes the stabilizer much more effective when reacting to sudden direction changes and "steering shimmy". Our stabilizer is also 100% rebuildable.

  3. The O.E.M. upper ball joint (actually a "pivot joint") uses a soft internal bronze bushing as the lubricant between the pin and the cup. The internal bushing can only tolerate a certain amount of load before it deforms and creates space for the pin to move laterally. Our Heavy Duty Upper Ball Joints are a 2 tiered design machined out of 4130 chromoly and heat treated to our specified hardness. This gives more than 100% more surface area for the ball joint to distribute the load. We eliminate any sort of bushing by using a dry aerospace type lubricant which is applied by machine. We have also incorporated internal grease ports for the grease to distribute evenly through the whole assembly. 
NEW 6" Track Bar Option!

Now available for trucks with up to 6 inches of front lift for 2003+ Rams!  If you are running a 6" lift, previously you could not install a Carli track bar.  However, Carli has just introduced their track bar drop bracket to be used in conjunction with their newly designed trackbar to properly recenter the axle on taller lifts.  Simply choose how much front end lift you have from the drop down box below.

NOTE : We keep referring to "08.5+ Steering" or the "09 Steering Upgrade". This is a retrofit kit for 03-08 trucks that you can get from your Dodge dealer (we are working on stocking them here too). It is Dodge's solution to Death Wobble. In other words, a solution to a problem that they deny exists. It ties your front wheels together allowing them to work in unison. With the current set-up, when things start to wear your front wheels can start to toe in and out independently. Over the course of a few bumps at high speed, you can find your truck out of control and hopefully, you just end up in the ditch.

NOTE:  This kit is available with either upper ball joints only or as upper AND lower ball joints.

Looking to adapt a coil over to your Super Duty? Carli's new coil over mounts make it easy to run a race quality shock on the front of your 05-08 Super Duty. Each mount is constructed out of 1/4" cold rolled steel for superior strength. The mounts will fit any 2.5"x10" KING, FOX, or SWAY-A-AWAY shock. These mounts bolt in place of the existing riveted coil bucket using 1/2" Grade 8 fasteners. Bypass shock mounts are also incorporated into the design. This makes it as easy as buying the bypass shocks and bolting them on, to achieve superb off road ability.

Carli Suspension part number: CS-FORDCOM

Please Select Year Below.

Ford Super Duty Coil Springs

Our Multi-Rate coil springs are built with a custom wind, giving them a progressive variable rate. Our design delivers smooth initial compression feel on highway chatter and small bumps as well as smooth rate transition to higher rates as the suspension cycles deeper into the travel.


  • 4.5" of lift
  • Side specific engineering
  • Powder coated
  • Shot peened and pre set
Carli part #CS-FMRC-05



Ford Super Duty Adjustable Track Bar

Carli designed their Adjustable Track Bar with a machined tapered rod end with a custom angle offset to increase ball joint life. This design puts less stress on the ball joint at full droop and keeps the ball joint pin vertical at ride height, prolonging the life of wear items. A big 7/8" heim joint is used on the frame side and it comes with custom machined misalignment spacers. Constructed out of heavy wall chromoly tube.


  • Constructed from 1.50 x .250 chromoly tube
  • 7/8" Heim with 7/8" shaft
  • Custom machined misalignment spacers
  • Custom offset machined tapered rod end