Having a truck is one of the dreams most people have for a reason. Aside from being a cool reward for yourself after saving your hard-earned money, the convenience it brings is also a reason why many people purchase them.

Going somewhere to enjoy a wonderful and relaxing weekend can be easy to do if you have your vehicle. But this prolonged trip can become stressful if your truck battery suddenly dies in the middle of nowhere. As much as you want your truck battery to work at its best every time, that may be impossible, especially if your vehicle is old. But you should not worry about it that much, as there is a solution - a jump starter.

What is a Jump Starter?

A jump start is a procedure of starting a motor vehicle that has a depleted battery. Typically, it is done by connecting your battery to another truck with a working battery or another external power source. The disabled battery gets recharged enough to give the power it needs to start the engine through this process.

Once the vehicle starts, the system will automatically recharge, which means the auxiliary energy source can now be removed. In connection, a jump starter is a portable machine that you can use in addition to your engine in case your truck battery acts up. When your vehicle’s battery ceases, you would not need another truck to recharge your vehicle’s battery.

This device is enough to give your truck the current it needs to start. These days, many diesel jump starters are equipped with USB ports which makes them usable as chargers not only for your vehicle but also for your smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

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Jump Starter Top Picks

There are a bunch of jump starters choices for diesel and gas engines available in the market. And knowing what you need can be pretty confusing. But worry no more, for this list will show you some of the best jump starters up for sale you can choose from.

● Truck PAC ES1224

If you are looking for the best jump starter for your diesel engine, this is the one for you. This jump starter is not that big, and it promises 300 peak amps and a 12/24V operation. It has durable #2 gauge cables. This jump starter has twin high-performance ES series batteries that are designed for automatic recharging.

The ES1224 has flexible #2 AWG welding cable leads and Hit Jaw industrial grade clamps that offer enough efficient power transfer to start a vehicle’s system. This model is also reliable and can be comfortably carried around due to its small size. It also sports an Advance Warning System designed to increase the probability and versatility of this unit.

When it comes to the technical aspects, this jump starter is an easy-to-use device that supplies jump-starting power for 12 Volt and 24 Volt vehicles. You can easily switch from 12V to 24V by simply turning the knob without sacrificing any power. It comes with two ES series, which are specifically engineered for vehicle starting applications.

This unit also promises to deliver 3000 Peak Amps and 750 Cranking Amps, which are helpful in numerous jump-starting vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUVs, buses, RVs, and even some agricultural equipment. The Truck PAC ES1224’s 12V socket combined with an automotive spotlight can also be utilized for charging your mobile phones and function as an emergency light if there are energy Blackouts.

● NOCO GB500

When it comes to power, NOCO GB500 will be a perfect choice. This unit is a standalone starter-charger that provides a safe starting of a discharged battery in just a matter of seconds. And this is made possible by its compact and powerful 2000-amp (12V), 1000-amp (24V) portable lithium battery pack.

This model can jump-start huge vehicles such as semi-trucks, construction equipment, and farm implements. The NOCO GB500 is compact and is equipped with protection systems against sparking and incorrect polarity. With a weight of 19 pounds, this device is portable and safe for engines of any size.

The size of this unit allows it to be transported easily and will not take up lots of space in the bag or truck. It is designed with a high-power LED flashlight with seven modes of operation, alarm, and SOS, which will be very helpful during emergencies. The NOCO GB500 can also function as a charger for devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, flashlights, and such.

● JNC660

Jumpstarters can come at a pretty high price, but you do not have to worry because even if you are on a tight budget, you will still have a good choice, which comes in JNC660. It is a budget unit that still delivers quality as it reaches 1700 peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps.

This compact yet powerful budget model has a 12V outlet and can jump-start vehicles and heavy-duty machines. This unit has a built-in voltmeter that you can use to check the status of the batter inside the jump box for diesel by just pressing the red button. The JNC660 comes with a 12V power outlet that can be used to charge various devices.

Apart from this, it also includes automatic circuit protection that is designed to prevent overloads. And lastly, this unit has a status gauge that you can use to check the engine’s charging system.

● Truck PAC ES6000

With its 3000 peak amperes and 800 cranking amperes, the Truck PAC ES6000 is among the excellent jump starter choices sold in the market. This unit boasts its impact-resistant case and high-quality Hot Jaw clamps with extra-long cables, adding significantly to its appeal. This great jump starter model can start trucks, trucks, tractors, and even boats. Its superb capability to jump-start engines is owed to its twin high-performance ES Series batteries.


If you need a jump starter compatible with a 10L gas engine and a 7L diesel engine, this one is for you. The GOOLOO fits exactly with type-C USB ports, which makes it suitable to charge not only vehicles but many devices such as smartphones, tablets, or even Kindle’s.

This unit has well-built jumper clips meant to provide all-around protection and inhibit overcharging, overloading, too much current flow, and the likes. The GOOLOO comes in a neat little package with the jump starter device, battery clamps, wall charger, type-C to type-C cable, USB-C cable, the instruction guide, and a storage case. And if you are an automobile novice, this jump starter unit is the best choice for you.

The GOOLOO is a powerful jump starter model and provides steadfast support. This unit can boost up regular vehicles and more energy-demanding trucks such as light-duty trucks, cargo vans, RVs, snowmobiles, ATVs, and more.

Where to buy a high-quality jump starter?

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