An engine is a highly complicated piece of machinery that requires technical knowledge. And understanding how it works may be difficult for some. This is why, in this blog, we ought to show you the simplified and step-by-step process of how oil flows through the entire engine.

1. The oil pump will pick up the oil they need from the oil pan (or the sump).

2. Once the pump has picked up the oil, it will send it to the main bearings of the engine's crankshaft.

3. The oil will move from the crankshaft through the oil holes to the rod bearings and finally through an oil line to the cylinder head.

4. Once the oil is already in the galleys, it will flow to the camshaft bearings and valves.

5. Finally, the pistons, rings, and pins will receive oil thrown off the connecting rod bearings.

Once you purchase a truck, your responsibilities as an owner do not end with building a garage space for your vehicle. Several things should also be done to ensure the longevity of your truck's lifespan. One of the essential parts of your duties as an automobile owner is to oversee its proper maintenance. That being said, this blog will talk about one of the essential systems in your vehicle – the lubrication system.


The lubrication system is mainly responsible for reducing friction, cooling, and cleaning your engine. Lubricants are necessary for controlling the acids collected by your engine to avoid corrosion, and they also play a significant role in minimizing the oxidation in your machine. Given all these, you might now have a picture of how essential the lubrication system is to your vehicle. With that mentioned, Pure Diesel Power can help you with the things you need to know about your diesel engine's lubrication system and the best way to keep it in perfect condition.

The Lube Oil System and its Functions

Oil is one of the essential elements needed to run a machine. Without it, your truck will never function. This is why vehicles must have a fully functioning lube oil system.

The lube oil system provides lubrication making it possible for the moving parts and gears to flow through the engine smoothly, making your truck's mechanisms function more efficiently. The oil is meant to cool, protect, and lubricate many parts of your engine. The lube oil system is responsible for reducing the friction in the engine and ensuring that the internal components of the machine will last longer.

Parts of the Lube Oil System

The lube oil system comprises several parts to function smoothly, allowing the oil to flow more smoothly throughout the engine. That being said, here are the parts of the lube oil system.

Oil Pump

The oil pump is responsible for pulling the oil from the oil pan before supplying it to the engine as it runs. The oil pump is an internal engine component that spreads the engine oil to the rotating bearings, sliding pistons, and camshaft. Additionally, the oil pumps also assist in cooling the engine.

Oil Filter

As mentioned, oil is an essential component in running an engine, but what is not specified is that the engine needs clean oil to function smoothly. Keeping the oil clean is the sole duty of the oil filter. It is responsible for preventing contaminants from entering the engine, such as dirt particles, soot, or unburned fuel. The oil filter also plays a significant role in removing any possible metal that the oil has picked up due to wear.

Oil Cooler

The oil cooler is a separate and smaller radiator than the engine's main one. The main goal of the oil cooler is to keep your vehicle's engine at a consistent and optimal temperature. Its purpose is to cool down the oil passing through the coils. Without it, the chances of your engine overheating increase significantly.


Oil Pan

The oil needed for the engine's lubrication is stored in the oil pan. From here, the oil is extracted by the oil pump and carried into the engine's oil galleys to the filter.

How does oil flow through the engine?

Without sufficient oil, your vehicle would not run smoothly. This is why it is vital to have your truck's lubrication system adequately maintained.

A reliable diesel performance shop

Remembering all these things may come as overwhelming to some, especially for first-time vehicle owners. This is why you must have a trusted truck performance shop to assist you with your needs and inquiries.

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