Diesel Engine Maintenance: How to Get the Most Out of Your Truck

Trucks are some of the most significant assets and largest investments any vehicle or business owner may have. Whether you depend on your truck to deliver results day in and day out, or you just use it for your own leisure, truck maintenance should be on top of your priority list. As a good truck owner, your job is to carefully maintain your vehicle to keep it running in good condition for many years to come.

Diesel engine maintenance also goes a long way when it comes to ensuring safety, protecting your investment, and getting better gas mileage from your truck. Keeping all parts of your vehicle in top shape makes it less likely for your truck to break down or get involved in a car accident. Truck breakdowns lead to huge losses in productivity, and you wouldn’t want to be left with major auto repair costs. Plus, a well-maintained truck will hold its value much more efficiently when the time comes for a sale.

Getting your truck serviced regularly keeps all of the parts working together correctly, helping the truck to perform at its optimum level. This also means increased vehicle safety and the confidence that you’re using a reliable truck while you’re on the road.

Diesel vs Petrol Engine Maintenance

Choosing between diesel or petrol power is a decision that will affect truck maintenance in the long run. Weighing the pros and cons is a good way to go about it, but ultimately, it all boils down to driving habits, distance driven, and the load of the vehicle.

Diesel fuel is significantly more expensive than petrol at the pump – but diesel vehicles are also more fuel-efficient. This means it’s cheaper to drive a diesel vehicle in the long run, despite the up-front costs. With diesel, your truck gets greater mileage, as it can typically deliver 25 to 30 percent better fuel economy than similarly performing gasoline engines.

Diesel is best for large trucks with heavier loads because it puts a premium on speed and endurance. It is manufactured to withstand the stress of high-compression diesel combustion, allowing diesel-powered trucks to go much longer before they get a much-needed repair.

Diesel engines also offer more low-speed torque which means they have better overtaking power and towing ability. Diesel engine maintenance is also easier as diesel engines have no spark plugs or distributors.

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Diesel Engine Maintenance - Infographic

The Importance of Proper Engine Maintenance 

Your truck is only as good as the maintenance it receives. Taking simple precautionary measures does more than just ensure that the truck remains in good condition for many years. 

More than anything, keeping up with your engine’s maintenance makes your truck safer and more reliable. With the amount of time your truck is spending on the road, it’s critical to avoid unnecessary breakdowns and accidents. You would not want to find yourself stuck on the side of the road for long hours because one or more of your truck parts stopped working altogether.

Maintenance negligence is also a major cause of accidents. A truck that is poorly maintained is significantly more likely to cause damage to other vehicles. This could potentially be avoided by ensuring that you protect your investment and keep up to date with your maintenance schedules. 

Properly maintaining your truck’s engine can also save you more money in the long run. Simple and inexpensive maintenance can actually lead to gasoline savings of as much as $1,200 a year, according to the Car Care Council. Plus, vehicle maintenance services usually cost much less than a major auto repair that will leave you shelling out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

A properly maintained engine allows you to get the most of your truck’s performance – your diesel engine can give you greater mileage by delivering 25 to 30 percent better fuel economy. You’ll have huge productivity gains from a truck that can carry heavier loads and can go for longer hours on the road.

Vehicle maintenance also lets you get the best resale value for your car. It’s inevitable that you will part ways with your truck. When the time comes for you to sell your vehicle, you’ll find that you’ll have a much better chance of earning top dollar when your truck is properly cared for. With fewer diesel vehicles sold in the market and because of the unique technology that it offers, it pays off to be consistent when it comes to maintaining your truck’s engine. Longevity and dependability can sure help with trade-in and resale value

With a well-maintained diesel engine, you and your truck can also help out with protecting the environment by cutting carbon dioxide emissions. A properly maintained diesel engine means your truck can runs more smoothly and cleanly than before. 

Tips to Properly Maintain Your Diesel Truck

Practicing proper diesel engine maintenance requires focusing on two main disciplines: cleanliness and staying on schedule with your oil, air, and fuel filter changes. 

Keeping it clean and paying attention to dirt and debris will go a long way towards maintaining your truck’s maximum performance and road life. Washing your truck keeps contaminants from eating through the metal and damaging your truck’s components. 

Your engine coolant is a critical component of your truck as it keeps your engine from overheating. Ensure that you have the coolant flushed frequently depending on the specifics of the truck. Regularly check the acidity levels to prevent the acid from building up and rotting out parts of the cooling system.

A clogged air filter will not be able to effectively prevent harmful debris from reaching your engine. Clean or replace your air filter at least once a year for best results. It’s better if you can do this more frequently to adjust to the environment in which you drive. Closely monitor the air filter so it remains clean and effective.

Make sure that your oil levels, and other important fluids, are sufficient enough to keep your engine humming down the road. Stay on top of regular oil changes (every 3,000 – 5,000 miles) to prevent dirty oil from clogging your engine and cause unnecessary friction and heat. 

Don’t forget to change the fuel filters at the right intervals, usually around every 10,000 to 15,000 miles for both primary and secondary filters. You should also bleed the fuel system by using the air bleed plug that pushes the air out of the engine.

You cannot start your car without fully functioning glow plugs. It’s best to inspect them regularly to ensure that they can produce enough heat for a successful ignition. Engine gaskets, meanwhile, operate under extreme conditions and should be closely monitored. Ensure that mounting bolts are all tight and secure and readily replace leaking gaskets. 

Diesel treatment and additives also help to keep your injection system clean by preventing impurities found in the fuel to reach your engine. Take the time to familiarize yourself with all the different systems and do check your truck manual to ensure that you have the right features that are specific to your truck model. 

Consistently Maintain Your Diesel Truck Engine

It’s not always easy to care for your diesel engine properly, but it’s worth all the time, money, and effort. When maintained properly, your truck’s engine will run in optimal condition – making it easy to tackle your daily business needs. At the end of the day, you would want to make sure that your truck serves you, not the other way around. Spending a lot of time and money on excessive repairs and unnecessary breakdowns is never a good way to get the most out of your truck.

Don’t let maintenance take a back seat. And while you’re at it, keep in mind the importance of safe driving. It’s up to you take care of your truck and plan ahead. Every engine will need some major work at some point but with proper maintenance, yours won’t be needing it anytime soon. 

Share these tips with your family and friends to help them get a head start at diesel engine maintenance.

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