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18 Jan Diesel Engine Lubrication System
Ryan Langreck 0 11
An engine is a highly complicated piece of machinery that requires technical knowledge. And understanding how it works may be difficult for some. This is why, in this blog, we ought to show you the simplified and step-by-step process of how oil flows..
31 Dec How to Maintain your Diesel Truck During Cold Weather
Ryan Langreck 0 29
Winter is undeniably a fun time for most people, and there is a particular yet unexplainable joy that only the winter season can bring. During this season, you would probably see kids on the streets running, having snowball fights, and enjoying the t..
17 Dec Common Causes and Symptoms of Piston Ring Failures
Ryan Langreck 0 45
Since its invention in the late 1800s, diesel engines have become one of the leading pieces of machinery used across many industries today. First used for labor-intensive sectors like manufacturing and agriculture, diesel engines are now an integral ..
17 Nov Diesel versus Gas Engines: Expectancy, Emissions, and Efficiency
Ryan Langreck 0 43
If you are about to purchase a new truck, you might be asking about the difference between diesel and gasoline engines. Especially now that manufacturers are offering more diesel models in the market, you might wonder -- are diesel engines better tha..
10 Nov Signs that Your Flywheel is in Bad Shape
Ryan Langreck 0 141
All its components must be in good condition for a vehicle to run smoothly. But how would you know if all your vehicle's parts are in perfect shape? Simple, you must be familiar with your diesel truck parts. Maintaining your ride does not end in taki..
25 Oct Tips for Diesel Engine Maintenance
Ryan Langreck 0 136
Regular maintenance is the most important key to ensure that your truck will live a long life. However, it is only normal to encounter several vehicle issues despite properly maintaining your truck. This is especially true if your diesel vehicle is p..
14 Oct How To Change Serpentine Belt 6.7 Cummins
Ryan Langreck 0 170
How To Change Serpentine Belt 6.7 Cummins The Cummins 6.7L diesel engine's serpentine belt system drives a variety of components. It includes the water pump, steering, heating, and air conditioning systems, among other things. Serpentine belts are la..
12 Oct How To Check Injector Pump On 5.9 Cummins
Ryan Langreck 0 435
How To Check Injector Pump On 5.9 Cummins   The 5.9-liter Cummins engine burns diesel fuel using a fuel injector pump. Bad pumps can cause a variety of vehicle malfunctions, including poor engine performance.   A 5.9 Cummins engine has two fuel pumps..
10 Oct How To Clean DPF Filter Cummins
Ryan Langreck 0 276
How To Clean DPF Filter Cummins   The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is used in many vehicles today to reduce harmful emissions and remove soot and ash.   Professional cleaning of the DPF might be needed over time, even if the DPF is cleaned by the ..
08 Oct How To Get Better Gas Mileage In A Diesel Truck
Ryan Langreck 0 135
How To Get Better Gas Mileage In A Diesel Truck   Miles per gallon (MPG) is an abbreviation for miles per gallon of fuel. It estimates how many miles you can travel on a gallon of gas by using this formula. For example, if you drive 90 miles on three..
06 Oct How Often Do You Change Oil in A Diesel Truck?
Ryan Langreck 0 543
How Often Do You Change Oil in A Diesel Truck?Power, price, fuel efficiency, and noise are all factors that distinguish diesel from standard vehicles. Oil changes are one of the many services available. Continue reading to learn how often diesel o..
06 Oct How To Jump Start a Diesel Truck With 2 Batteries
Ryan Langreck 0 7936
How To Jump Start a Diesel Truck With 2 BatteriesIt can be very frustrating to turn the key and have nothing happen. If you don't have anything to do or are surrounded by friends and family who know how to jump a diesel truck, being stranded by ..
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