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24 Aug How to Take Good Care of your Engine's Crankshaft
Ryan Langreck 0 32
Car maintenance is just simple and straight to the point in some instances. You can change the oil and belts according to the recommendations given by the manufacturer. You can observe and listen to the sound your engine makes, as well as examine the..
19 Aug Diesel Exhaust System: Things You Need to Know Before Buying
0 13
Purchasing your vehicle is one of the dreams most people have, and if you are planning to get one, you would probably have a list of your desired features. But before you go and purchase one, you must know the parts of a vehicle at least. This way, i..
10 Aug Guide to Maintain your Diesel Truck's Fuel System Assembly
Ryan Langreck 0 37
To consummate the purpose of the fuel injection, fuel needs to be transported to it from the fuel tank. This process is the low-pressure fuel system components' role. The fuel system's low-pressure side comprises several parts like fuel tanks, fuel s..
05 Jul How Boost Leaks Affect Your Power and Economy
Ryan Langreck 0 261
What is a boost leak, and why should I test for one?If you're new to the forced-induction world, there's something you should be aware of: boost leaks. They cause reduced power, increased black smoke, lower engine efficiency (fuel economy), and high ..
21 Jun 10 Hidden Signs of Diesel Turbocharger Problems
Ryan Langreck 0 52
A vehicle would not run without a complete engine. If one part goes missing or damaged, the whole vehicle system will undoubtedly be affected. This is the reason why you have to maintain your vehicle’s engine properly. But before knowing how to take ..
14 Jun Engine Block Heaters: Does A Diesel Engine Need A Block Heater?
Ryan Langreck 0 170
Have you ever imagined living in this modern world without cars? It is challenging.During the olden days, people have built boats out of logs or rode animals as their mode of transportation. Years later, inventors have started developing a much more ..
07 Jun 10 Myths and Facts About Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Ryan Langreck 0 531
Diesel was discovered and invented in the 1890s by German inventor Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel or Rudolf Diesel. When it was prototyped in 1893, its primary function was to run on peanut oil. But as time progressed, the use of diesel has been more p..
26 May Diesel Fuel Additive: Should You Use a Diesel Fuel Additive?
Ryan Langreck 0 377
Diesel fuel is more energy-dense and efficient than gasoline, ensuring better fuel economy and an engine that can reliably withstand the rigors of higher compression. It is understood that having a diesel-powered truck will allow you to get bett..
19 May 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel Engine Problems And How To Fix Them
Ryan Langreck 0 150
The 7.3 Powerstroke is commonly known as the Legendary 7.3 as it is the largest diesel engine put in high-production and consumer-grade trucks. Additionally, it is also widely considered the 2nd most reliable diesel produced, coming in behin..
12 May Biodiesel: Can You Use It in Your Diesel Truck?
0 122
Around the 1890s, diesel was invented and named after its inventor, Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel or more commonly known as Rudolf Diesel. The German inventor was born in 1858 in the city of love, Paris. The first designed diesel engine was p..
22 Apr Diesel Truck Smoke: What Your Truck Is Trying to Tell You?
Ryan Langreck 0 143
Any diesel engine built after 2008 with an exhaust treatment system like PDF, DOC, or SCR, blows reduced amounts of smoke while the vehicle is running. On the other hand, older diesel engines have such a system that they produce very little to n..
15 Apr Fuel Injectors: Best Ways to Clean Them
Ryan Langreck 0 220
Fuel injectors are part of the engine’s fuel injection system, which functions to spray atomized fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber under high pressure. Fuel injectors are widely used in modern-day engines and are seen in almost all gasoline c..
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