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Billet Styling Sale

Billet Styling Sale

 Gear up for the SEMA Show with great deals on billet parts that both function phenomenally and complete the look of your vehicle. We have narrowed parts down by category if you'd like to find parts that work on your vehicle.

Cummins  -  15 Parts

Powerstroke  -  1 Part



Universal Products (2 Parts):



T/Rex Technology Billet Dual-Fueler Tank Sump - $150.00

Comes Pre-Assembled and Requires NO Tank Drop

2-Piece Washer Design

Stainless Bolt & Nylon Washer Seal


PE Wrench

Performance Engineering Billet Oil Filter Wrench - $55.00

Fits Most 93mm Diameter Filters That Have 15 Flutes

Known Fitment: LF16035, LF3972, MO-285, M1-403, 57620XP, 57620, & MGL57620.



Powerstroke Product:


dFuser Oil/Fuel Cap

03-10 Powerstroke Billet Fuel/Oil Filter Cap - $92.00

This Cap Doubles as Both a Fuel Filter Cap & Oil Filter Cap

Pre-Tapped for Pressure-Monitoring Applications (1/8" NPT)



Cummins Products:


Valve Cover Pun

Cummins Billet Valve Covers

89-98 5.9L 12V G&R Valve Cover Set - $500.00

Includes: Fill Cap, O-Ring Seals, Valve Covers, & Hardware.

(Pictured in the Center)


07.5+ 6.7L G&R Billet Valve Cover - $649.00

Has 3 Available Finishing Options

Durable Billet Aluminum

Includes: Fill Cap, O-Ring Seals, Valve Cover, & Hardware.

G&R Engraving

(Pictured on the Left)


07.5+ 6.7L MPD Billet Valve Cover - $450.00

Has 3 Available Finishing Options

Durable Billet Aluminum

Utilizes Stock Hardware

Includes: Fill Cap, Elbows, & Hoses.

MPD Engraving

(Pictured on the Right)



PDP Fuel Filter

89-02 5.9L PDP Fuel Filter Kit - $125.00

Pressure Gauge Ready (Pre-Drilled w/Plug)

CNC Machined

Retains Factory Features

Show Truck Ready (Billet Aluminum w/Engraving)

Many Additional Options for That Apply to Multi-Use Vehicles



89-02 5.9L Billet Piston Oil Squirter Set - $35.00

Heavy-Duty to Prevent Cheap Oil Squirters from Snapping

Don't Have a Weak Link in Your Performance Engine


Increased Travel

94-98 5.9L P7100 Billet Rack Cap - $27.00

The Cheapest Horsepower Mod Available

Allows 4mm of Additional Travel

Military-Grade 6061 Aluminum

Recommended Use With Attitude's Adjuster

USA Manufactured


Stop Blowing Seals

94-02 5.9L Upgraded Billet Tappet Cover w/Breathers - $285.00

O-Ring Seal to Prevent Gasket Blowing

Billet Aluminum

Comes w/Hardware

Breathers w/Block Off Plate (For Single Breather Application)

Keep Oil Out of Your Blow-B Tube


Stop Warping

94-02 5.9L Billet Tappet Cover - $250.00

Cannot Maintain a Seal? Here's Your Solution.

Use RTV Around Edge for Seal - No Gaskets!

Comes w/Hardware

Will Work w/VP44

Ported for Blow-By Tubing

Allows Clearance for a Roller-Lifter Setup



98.5-17 5.9L/6.7L PDP Billet Oil Cap w/Breather - $59.00

High-Quality K&N Filter

Flush-Mount Design

3 Filter Colors Available (Red, White, & Blue)

Billet Aluminum

USA Manufactured


New & Improved

99-14 24V Hellmann Billet Aluminum Oil Cap - $30.00

Aircraft-Grade T6 Billet Aluminum

Equipped w/Seal

Fits OEM Covers


Out With The Plastic

03-13 5.9L/6.7L Billet Aluminum Saddle Jet Plugs - $35.00

Important to Anyone Running a Modified Engine

7075 Billet Aluminum

Stop The Melt!

USA Manufactured


Simplify Belt Change

03-17 5.9L/6.7L Billet Aluminum Fan Pulley - $73.00

Smaller Diameter to Increase Ease of Belt Removal (Less Than 1/4")

Great Appearance to Your Belt System

Allows Removal of Belt Without Removal of Pulley


Eliminate Stock Fuel Filter

03+ 5.9L T-Rex Tech Billet Aluminum Fuel Filter Delete - $25.00

Uses Factory Banjo Bolts to Install

Delete The Stock Fuel Filter for Aftermarket Fuel Systems


Stop Dust Accumilation

13-14 6.7L Billet Fuel Cap - $38.00

Why Keep Dirt in Your Fuel Tank?

Newer Trucks Do Not Have Fuel Caps, Here Is The Solution

Double O-Ring Ensures a Tight Seal

Diesel Fuel-Resistant Seals

Billet Aluminum Cap

Ergonomic Overhang for Ease of Removal


Stay Cool

13+ 6.7L PE Billet Weldless Coolant Y-Pipe - $115.00

Billet Aluminum Design

No Welds = No Fail Points

No Engravings (Grants Creative Freedom For Personal Add-ons)

OEM Installation Compatible (w/Add-On Clamps)



Thank you for participation in our Billet Styling Sale. We hope you got all the stuff you needed!

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*Sale is limited to parts listed above.