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B&W Hitches

B&W Trailer Hitches


At B&W Trailer Hitches, they stand for the future of American manufacturing. The U.S. has lost 1.9 million manufacturing jobs to China alone over the last decade. “Made in the USA” can succeed, but only if we rely on the principles that work in our own neighborhoods. They grow by earning trust and improving customer value, not by cutting costs. They treat each other as family, not as “labor” exportable to the lowest bidder. They let people use cutting-edge technology to make things safer, easier, and higher quality, rather than let technology use them. They respond to customers and changing markets by being right-sized and flexible, not just bigger.

B&W is famous for its turnover ball gooseneck trailer hitches and offers several different models to fit a wide variety of year, make & model vehicles.

B&W offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on ALL thier products!!

View B&W's Limited Lifetime Warranty.