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ARCHOIL® is a nanoscience-based company incorporating the latest developments in nanotechnology into solid boundary lubricants and other related formulations to reduce friction, eliminate corrosion, reduce energy costs, and extend equipment life.ARCHOIL® is a team of professionals expanding years of experience in lubrication, fuel, engineering, and surface treatments.ARCHOIL® successfully partners with organizations around the world. Whether its to prolong the life of consumer or commercial engines, incorporate a class-leading corrosion inhibitor into wire rope manufacturing, or eliminate production down time in thermic oil systems, we deliver where others fail.ARCHOIL® is universal in scope and has ongoing research and development teams of chemists and tribologists to consistently deliver the most efficient solutions for all lubrication and fuel challenges.ARCHOIL® is committed to product investment and specializes in custom formulations using innovative nanotechnology to meet any lubrication challenge.
Brand: Archoil Part Number: AR9100-16
The main purpose of AR9100 is to reduce friction and wear; maintain a deposit free fluid system, extend component life; and to dissipate frictional heat.AR9100 Nanoborate reduces friction to coefficients of 0.037, half again the friction coefficient of ‘micro boron’, and a fraction of traditional lu..
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Brand: Archoil Part Number: AR6200-x
AR6200 tested under the EPA Carbon Balance (CMB), the most accurate and number one test used by the EPA to test fuel mileage and emissions resulted in over 8% improved fuel economy. AR6200 also tested under the SAE J1321 Type ll test resulted in a 8.20% improvment in fuel economy.AR6200 increases th..
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Brand: Archoil Part Number: AR4400-2
AR4400 LP is formulated with nano tungsten disulfide (WS2) which has been selected for its ability to bond immediately with metal alloys, filling in asperities to create a hard, dry, friction-reducing solid boundary lubricating film. BenefitsLubricates and protects against wear with nano WS2 L..
Brand: Archoil Part Number: AR6400-D-16
Archoil - AR6400-D-16 Benifits:Rapidly cleans harmful deposits Restores fuel efficiency and economy Restores power and performance Helps smooth rough idling Reduces harmful exhaust emissionsAR6400 High Concentrate PEA is a fuel additive blended from the latest high-strength polyetherami..
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