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94-03 7.3L Powerstroke AC High Torque HO NEW Injector

Alliant Power NEW AC Single Shot Injector

  • Single injector (8 needed for entire swap)
  • These are new 160cc AC single shot fuel injectors
  • Stock Powerstroke nozzles
  • Capable of up to 375hp with Appropriate Tuning
  • Custom tuning required for use in 1999-2003 Ford trucks.
  • Chip or power module recommended for optimal hp gains in 94-97 trucks.
  • Excellent for Towing or Economy

Alliant Power Injector for the International T444E 210HP(HT) - 230HP(HT). AP63802AC

$150 Refundable Core Charge Will Be Added To Order

Alliant part number: AP63802AC

Important NOTE: This is a SINGLE SHOT INJECTOR meaning on 99-03 trucks "Off the shelf" programmers, and "generic" chips will not work with this style injector, as injection timing and fuel feed rates have to be adjusted to accommodate the single injection event.

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