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Brand: A.D. Innovations Part Number: AD002
Charge air cooler pressure test kit /packpurge plates Big plate fits s400/hx60 and similar sizes flanges -1/8th npt fitting in center Small plate fits hx35/40,s300, and he400 vgt turbos. 1/8th not fitting in center Both flanges can be used to take care of most industrial cummins turbo..
Brand: A.D. Innovations Part Number: AD003
Used to replace factory dowels when using A 1/4” mid plate.  Compatible with fleece and Firepunk mid plate that require 1/4” removed from flywheel housing.Part number: 003..
Brand: A.D. Innovations Part Number: AD0001
Billet 6061 aluminum engine mount inserts for second gen Cummins Diesel trucks. Will work with 12v, 24v, and common rail engine swaps in a 2nd gen Cummins application. Allows you to get rid of boot failures in competition vehicles by going to vband/solid charge air connections. Have been thoroughly ..
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