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Brand: AAM Part Number: 74100001
This kit contains 1 Lower Ball Joint1 Upper Ball Joint1 M16 Torque Prevailing Nut1 Snap Ring4 Wheel Hub Bolts1 Ball Joint Seal1 M20 Torque Prevailing NutThis kit is for one side of your truck, If you want to do both sides. You will need to order 2 kitsAAM Part Number 74100001Alternate part numb..
Brand: AAM Part Number: 40040694 AAM
For use with 1480 Upgraded Heavy Duty Drive Shafts 241DHD/271/273 Rear Output "1480 Series" Slip Yoke Fits later model 241DHD transfer cases with the 31 spline output shaft.  *Please be aware that most 94-96 trucks with a 241DHD transfer case have a 32 spline output shaft. Where this fits later m..
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