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Brand: The Hungry Diesel Part Number: BHAFIK
Limited Availability!! Call to Confirm!1st gen intake kit. Kit utilizes the BHAF air filter, and smooth 4" exhaust tubing. Allow your 1st gen Cummins to breathe! Includes Donaldson B105006 filter. (Cross references to Fleetguard AH19037) Part Number: BHAFIK..
$225.00 $249.99
Brand: The Hungry Diesel Part Number: THD-FP
Made from 4140 and max hardened. This pin is properly cut, so to give maximum fueling, but not cut too deep to allow slide pin to slip past the O ring. The pin is also cut with a "flat" ramp design, as opposed to the common "progressive" ramps. This gives a much smoother fueling transition and avoid..
$94.50 $105.00
Brand: The Hungry Diesel Part Number: LPPLPK
True high volume low pressure piston lift pump.  Unlike other low pressure piston lift pumps these have the larger diameter piston, which push about 25% greater volume. This pump uses the factory size 1/4 NTP inlet size.     Part Number: LPPLPK..
$238.50 $265.00
Brand: The Hungry Diesel Part Number: AFCLUK
1st gen 89-93 Braided AFC Line Upgrade. Replace that common to break afc line, with a braided line that will never break again. NOTE - PICTURE IS OF A MANUAL TRUCK. ***Does not fit 91.5-93 automatic trucks with TPS*** Part Number: AFCLUKDoes not include bango bolts...
$45.00 $50.00
Brand: The Hungry Diesel Part Number: THD-CVEP
2 month lead time! Call to Confirm Lead Time as this is a Built Order part!!The Hungry Diesel very own Competion VE pump! This pump has done up to 648hp, fuel only, and pushes up to 320cc. Average cc is between 295-320cc. These pumps push more fuel than any other 12mm VE on the market. The only pum..
$1,620.00 $1,800.00
Brand: The Hungry Diesel Part Number: THD-VEIP
WILL REQUIRE 2 MONTHS LEAD TIME AFTER ORDERINGVE Injection pump from The Hungry Diesel. Built with only Bosch parts, with the exception of the Holy Performance Brass Tip FSS Plunger, and a THD Fuel pin (only maxed out pumps receive a THD fuel pin, all backed with an industry leading 2 year warranty..
$1,050.05 $1,166.70
Brand: The Hungry Diesel Part Number: 91.5-93upgrdkt
The Hungry Diesel full 3" intercooler piping upgrade kit. Cooler egt and more throttle response, allow for a better overall running engine.  Part Number: 91.5-93upgrdkt..
$306.00 $340.00
Brand: The Hungry Diesel Part Number: NI3COP
THD Non Intercooled Cross Over. Help your engine breath, and cool down your egts. Feedback has shown a 100 degree drop in peak egt temps as well as 3-4 psi gains.V-band outlet comes with std. 2.5" v band clamps. Hose outlet does not come with turbo to pipe boot, for a factory turbo that requires a 2..
$207.00 $229.99
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